Soylent has too much fat. I like to pour out the excess


After making it and after it settles, the oil is at the top so I skim it off. Which vitamins am I missing? All the fat soluble ones? D, K, etc…?


Don’t do that, just shake it again.


The fat would still be there. I want less fat. 1.5 is 40% fat.


Why do you think fat is bad?

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s worth noting that the fat on your body most likely came from sugar/carbs.


Unsaturated fat isn’t an inherently bad source of calories. Paradoxically, very little ingested fat is stored as body fat. Instead, it’s used by the body for slow-burn energy, which if I recall correctly was part of Rosa Labs’ rationale for replacing some of the carbohydrates in 1.3 with oils. And yes, to answer your question, you’re probably losing some portion of the fat soluble nutrients.

I get where you’re coming from. I also had a hell of a time accepting the sizeable increase in fat content at first, but of course reading up on the science helped me out. I’m not having much luck re-finding studies on the subject of weight gain (supportive or otherwise) since I’m off my Google Scholar game at this hour, but here are some that show a link between good cardiovascular health and increased unsaturated fat intake, as long as calories are within normal limits:

Nomva grab-and-go pouches

You are more likely to gain fat on your body from carbs than from fat :laughing: But total amount of calories vs burned calories is the main reason for fat gained. Trying to avoid fat is the least useful weight loss approach if that is the goal, since fat keeps you feeling full for longer than carbs since it takes longer to burn (basically)… While carbs that are not used by your body gets stored as fat.

If I understand it correctly… Fat doesn’t get stored at fat instantly… It gets broken down into carbs basically, then used or converted back into fat and then stored. (Someone has to confirm this or point out my mistake so don’t take me by my word)


You might be pouring off other good stuff besides fat.


What makes you think Soylent has too much fat?


I get plenty of fat from elsewhere. I’m OK with carbs/sugars because I need as much as I can get. My job requires a lot of concentration and my brain uses a lot of glucose. Sometimes I run out and feel bad. I need my body to convert the stored fat to sugars. I’m not obese. I don’t have heart disease. I don’t need the extra fat from Soylent to be squirreled away.


This isn’t Salad Dressing, you might be dumping more than just fat. Also I don’t think that’s how faster energy would work in this case.


Of course nobody answers the OPs question at all. #internettypical

(I don’t know the answer for sure, myself)


We wouldn’t know which vitamins to replace or add more of.
We don’t know how much s/he’s pouring out or how distributed the mixture is.


I saw two partial answers to the question.

If someone randomly pours off part of their Soylent, who is supposed to know the nutritional impact of that act?


I would start with whatever fat-soluble nitrients/vitamins are in there.

At any rate, another fat pros vs. cons thread just makes most people’s eyes roll. There’s other threads here for that already.

Admittedly I do think it’s not a good strategy. Can’t wait for Soylent to eventually come out with different macro versions. One of these days.


But… But… Yeah, you’re right. Apologies for my contribution to the pro-fat propaganda.

So longer answer for OP: since there’s separation going on, it seems the fat you’re pouring out has been sitting around for a few minutes or longer, meaning that the clumps of powder have broken up and everything has begun settling. This also means that whatever fat soluble vitamins are in there have likely been distributed to a large extent, so anything you pour out will be discarded in proportion to the total liquid.

There’s probably still plenty of fat content that didn’t separate since there are emulsifiers in the powder as well, so given the image you posted, you might be tossing out about 25% of the fat and a comparable amount of the fat soluble vitamin content.


We can’t predict what proportion of the fat-soluble vitamins are dissolved in the fat that gets removed, so we can’t recommend any kind of supplementation.


I couldn’t agree more with the above 2 assessments. You’re pretty much guessing and on your own, OP.


Yes it settles overnight after first making it. Some days there is more separation than others.


You might also consider adding sugar or something to your soylent and then eating less soylent. That way you could keep the vitamins while increasing your carb ratio. You could eat soylent with white bread on the side.

Although I’d also like to note that fat will get converted to sugars as your body needs it, which will help you keep your blood sugar levels up. Unless you have some sort of medical condition.


You know very little, you should probably stop drinking soylent.