Soylent health tracker app


I don’t have the skills, but would love if someone developed an app that could track one’s Soylent intake and be a journal to track mood, physical and mental changes/symptoms. This information could, with user’s permission, be sent to Rosa Labs, as well, but I’m thinking of how beneficial it would be to the individual.

Anyway, I thought of this because we ladies have a great health app for tracking our menstrual cycles and allows us to see patterns and effects and keep better track of our health. It really helps to get one to be their own advocate. I could totally see something like this being helpful.

At least for me.

So…who can do this?


I will move it up my list of priority projects. I’ll try to get something semi usable by the end of the month. While we have this thread though, maybe we can use it to itemize the features we would want in the app?

I’ll start a github repo sometime next week, if anyone else wants to contribute.


You rock, @livingparadox!

I’ll start:

  1. Food tracking section (calories/time of day/amount consumed) - “Lose it” is a good example. In my dream world, we could track all food not just Soylent.
  2. Mood tracking with rating system for consistency (time/duration/intensity)
  3. Physical.Mental changes tracking (increased energy/fatigue/mental clarity/headaches - so a place to put both positive and negative results) with rating system for consistency (time/duration/intensity)
  4. Area for general notes (place to note ‘extras’ you add to Soylent like salt, fiber, flavor, etc.)
  5. Physical activity tracker


One of the other things I’m going to add is actually to allow you to plug in your recipe, as well as, like you said, other food. You’d track it alongside your energy, headaches, focus, etc. Then we can choose to publish our results publicly or anonymously, so we can start seeing patterns in the data. Obviously you’d be able to keep it completely private, as well.


Hm… Maybe have something related to weaning oneself off of “normal” food? Some thing that has some kind of decrementing ratio recommendations based on other people’s experience? Were you thinking Android or iPhone?


I was thinking a mobile friendly webapp, so everybody can get in on it. And because that’s what my experience is, and don’t want to learn a new environment just to limit who can use it. I want to get this up and usable as soon as possible.


Sounds like a great project, really hope you do this. I would add a weight tracker as well so people can record weight changes with time on soylent.


I have (SERIOUSLY) limited time, but I’d like to help as much as I can. Maybe we can/should take this offline, but what’s our architecture stack going to look like? You’ve got a repo apparently, but where are you tracking user stories / features / defects? Been a web dev for many years now, let me know what I can do, especially if you’re thinking java…


I haven’t gotten to start it yet. I was thinking hosted on github pages, powered by ember and firebase. I haven’t dived into Java too much yet.


How about a section for tracking daily vitals (BP, heart rate, weight, etc) as well as periodic blood panels? Would be nice to be able to track the readings over time and even graph them out. Maybe pull the recommended minimums/maximums by age/height/weight from a good source.


I’m getting really excited about this!


I actually started work on something like this in May. I’ve had a little time to work on it recently - check out what I have so far here:

New features I’m planning on adding:

  • Chart results over time

  • Hide trackers you’re not interested in

  • Add custom trackers (some people may want to track things like upper arm circumference)

  • Profile management (updating and deleting previous entries, deleting entire profile, etc)

  • Download anonymous database in multiple formats (JSON, CSV, XML?)

  • Expand help modals with info and tools on how to measure things like blood pressure

  • Integration with 3rd party device APIs such as Withings and Fitbit

  • An API for integration with 3rd party apps


Hmmm… Do you have this in a git repo somewhere? I might see if it makes more sense to extend yours than start over.


Seeing as @nickp seems to out and about, I went ahead and started my github repo. Sorry that I’m late putting up the github link.

I only had a little bit of time to work on it, so there’s actually not any functionality yet. Soylent Tracker


It might be cool if there were a way to connect through api to something like myfittnesspal site. I’ve been logging everything I eat on there since I started Soylent a couple of months ago. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you could pull all the food and exercise info from there and then add the functionally for things like mood, fatigue, headaches, as well as stats for things like blood pressure, cognitive functions…


We have plans to sync WESNA (soylent dispensing machine) with calorie tracking apps.
@livingparadox - if you want to play with it, let me know. Machine to be arrived by the end of Sept.


If you want to send me one, I’ll definitely put in the effort to allow them to intercommunicate. It would be an awesome way to get more precision with experiments.


The machines that arrive for tests in Sept. will be rather heavy for “just to ship” - it’a a full scale vending machine. So I’d better invite you for a short trip to Bay Area. Does it works for you?


It depends on what is going on at the time, but me informed and I’ll see if I can check it out.


@livingparadox it’s part of the DIY Soylent code right now but I’m open to the idea of extracting it and putting it on Github as a standalone app. Will keep the thread updated with my progress