Soylent hot chocolate


I’ve been going through box after box of hot chocolate over the past few weeks (I had received them as Christmas gifts, more than one box per year, many years in a row). Despite loving chocolate, I’m actually not big on hot chocolate, so they sort of accumulated in a cabinet. Anyway, I was most of the way through probably the best one yet (Bellagio sipping chocolate [I have the older version; apparently the new version is gross :frowning: ]) and I thought I’d try making it with Soylent 2.0. I followed the instructions as if I was using milk:

  • 6 fl oz (3/4 cup, 177 ml) Soylent 2.0, heated (I did 90 seconds with refrigerated Soylent in a 1500 watt microwave; this was probably too hot, if anything)
  • 1 oz (3 tbsp, 28 g) chocolate mix (ingredients: “100% pure cocoa powder, pure cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter”; I’m sure you could use other brands or make your own)
  • top with whipped cream (or whipped Soylent?!)
  • don’t forget to drink the rest of your Soylent bottle :stuck_out_tongue:

Verdict: Not bad! This particular hot chocolate mix doesn’t dissolve quickly in (almond)milk, and it only mostly dissolved in Soylent, even after a lot of time and stirring. Maybe the Soylent is too thick? If I do this again, I’ll probably try half Soylent and half water instead, or perhaps use more Soylent and the same amount of mix.

Has anyone tried this? Am I the first? I searched the forum and didn’t see anything.


I planned to mix up Soylent once or twice with the Starbucks Double Chocolate hot cocoa or the amazing sipping cocoa they sell at Trader Joe’s (I think I gained a pound or two one winter just from drinking it way too often, it’s delightful), but never got around to it because I usually keep milk on hand and didn’t want to experiment.

Part of my hesitation is that had a bad experience using some milk with life’sDHA in hot cocoa made with Hershey’s powder and cane sugar. Tasted great at first, but within a minute or two, it started tasting like the fishiest fish in the fishbowl. Since that experience the idea of algae + heat makes me mildly queasy. Is Soylent 2.0 not prone to fishiness when heated?


I don’t use hot chocolate mix, but I do sometimes toss in a tablespoon or so of Ovaltine “Rich Chocolate” flavor. (Both for the flavor and for the extra calcium and iron.) It’s quite good, and mixes very well. I’ve never tried heating it though, that’s just too much work for me when it tastes good cold.


I didn’t detect any fishiness.


Try dissolving it in a small amount of water or milk before mixing with Soylent, should make for a smoother experience. An immersion blender should also work well if you’re still having trouble getting it to fully dissolve. :coffee: