Soylent Humor for Fun!

I think most will agree when they hear about Soylent, they think of the movie. After my first subscription arrived, I tore the box open and jumped right in. As a few days went by I was in the middle of the box when I pulled out a bottle and a message was handwritten on the bottle. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I told my husband I was going to write to Soylent and let them know I appreciated their awesome sense of humor. That’s when I found out the truth…my husband planted the bottle and patiently waited. I laughed even harder! Soylent is a wonderful product! I simply love Coffiest!! I have lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks and my energy is way up! Thanks Soylent! Keep up the good work for humankind!


I’m too proud of this post not to link to it. Whenever I finish two bottles I have a habit of walking around with them all day and pretend they are swords and hit people with them.

Or those tropical-themed music shaker thingies, in which case I dance with them to try and make peace with the people I hit.

I love ye Soylent.