Soylent Hungary


Magyar Soylent webshop melyen a legfrissebb információkat találjátok :

We are opening our Hungarian Soylent webshop.
If you are interest please come and see.
You will find here the latest news and updates in Hungarian language.
Please visit us:


You mean Hungarian soylent webshop

Soylent is the official product.

Your Facebook page may have some copyright issues - do you have permission to use their logos and images?



I’m in Budapest until tomorrow afternoon - if you’re local and I can meet you somewhere, I’d like to buy a few months worth of soylent - as long as the recipe is roughly what I’m looking for and the price is right.

Do let me know if that’s an option!


Hello 8O8,

You are right and thank you for your comment!
We have been contacted with the Soylent team and we are asking they approval to avoid copyright issues.



Dear Hallvard,

Thank you for your interest but unfortunatelly we are not open yet. We plan to start in 2014