Soylent hypocrisy


Ok… I have a confession to make…

I’m sitting here eating a thoroughly delicious, utterly glorious burrito and buttery glazed role. Mmmm…

All day CE course with a free catered lunch + close proximity to Golden Pride Chicken = no soylent for me today :open_mouth: Guess it’s gotta happen from time to time, don’t judge too harshly or you will be the next to fall.

If you ever get near UNM in Albuquerque, NM stop by the Golden Pride Chicken for a #9 breakfast burrito (don’t worry, you can consume this masterpiece any time of day), with eggs, bacon, green chile, potato and cheese, all lovingly cradled in a fresh warm tortilla, and if you’re really feeling decadent add a warm Frontier roll, glorious. Both restaurants have the same owner, so you can get the roll when you get the burrito, or head to the famous Frontier Restaurant across the street from UNM.


God that sounds good.

Do most people plan to completely avoid food when they have soylent? I always thought I’d use it 90% of the time, but when I really wanted something delicious, I’d eat worry free, since I would’ve accumulated so many healthy days…


I haven’t had any problems after the second week with any “muggle” food except the super crazy greasy Texas Roadhouse “cactus blossom” (deep fried & breaded onion). It was crazy yummy but I think my GI had become accustomed to not as much oil in my diet and rebelled. SparklingLimeade on Reddit thinks the same sort of thing would have happened to anyone that ate half of one but I’ve done that before and suffered no ill effects (other than gaining weight).


That’s how I roll. Alternatively, I have certain regular engagements in which eating soylent is damn near impossible.
Actually, I haven’t had any this week on the insistence of my wife - we had too many leftovers from last weekend when we had my father over for lunch.
Anyhow, my regular religious dietary restrictions prevent me from indulging in things like the above, and the kosher stuff around here is all old hat to me. I crave the new…


I am not 100%, I typically have 80-90% soylent as I will have 1-4 muggle meals per week socially. I haven’t had issues switching back and forth. It’s just unusual to have no soylent today, especially as it is a week day, but I was also away from home four days last week and had less soylent than normal as I had a lot of meals with others. None of this past week is helping with my weight loss.

@isaackotlicky, I do have sympathy for my Jewish brethren. I know such a strict diet would possibly be stressful at times, although likely healthier than what most of us used to eat. I do imagine that any diet directed from God would be a useful diet to follow.

How much food did you make for your father? That must have been some lunch if you have a whole weeks worth of leftovers!


Well, it wasn’t a whole weeks worth.
We made teriyaki skirt steak (slow cooked), a pot of rice with sauteed vegetables, and some low-flour souffles. Also, my wife’s home made bread. And some chicken from the night before (maple and acorn squash).
We were having a number of people over, and just about the only thing that was (almost) finished was the skirt steak. Sometimes my wife doesn’t listen to me when I tell her to stop making food…


Current plan is to eat out once or twice a week with friends, other than that - all Soylent all the time.


Well that’s not really a departure from Soylent, just a different color from the normal beige, now isn’t it? :smile:

if I hadn’t said it, you know someone else would have.


This thread is about soylent hypocrisy, if you want to preach your fundamentalist soylent, with full and faithful adherence to the ingredients of the recipe as set forth in the Heston Studies please take it to another room. ;p


To make up for terrible puns with actual contribution:

I’m definitely planning on the camp of “food for enjoyment, Soylent for fuel”. I like cooking, and I enjoy eating good food. But I don’t really have the time, resources, variety, or interest to make a culinary masterpiece of every meal. Soylent is going to replace the majority of meals, in which I come home and put a sandwich/soup/pasta/etc into my face to avoid passing out from malnutrition in the next few hours.

I’m actually looking forward to enjoying food more once I’m only eating unique and significant meals. I recall a quote from somewhere on the forums (no idea who, but I think “professional chef” was mentioned) “I enjoy going to the movies. But if I went to the movies every single night, movies would start becoming terribly dull.”


I’ve run in to a bit of trouble with Soylent making me waaaaay pickier about real food. I was already kind of a food snob to begin with, but now it’s starting to get in the way of my social eating. If a place doesn’t have anything that sounds really incredibly delicious, I have a really hard time forcing myself to order something. Because it’s going to cost me more money than Soylent, and not be as good for me, and I’m not even really getting deliciousness out of it… why?

I ran into this problem today, in fact. I tried to go to a restaurant with my best friend, only to discover that they were out of literally everything I wanted there, so we spent nearly an hour wandering from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place that had something that sounded remotely worth eating.


Hey, stop bashing terrible puns. What’d they ever do to you other than put a smile on your face and a groan in your heart?

Seriously though, totally agree. That’s how I’ve typically used it over the last couple of months too, fuel for when I just need food, freedom for when I seek the pleasure of a good meal with friends.

I find it to be very rare to have a day like today where I will stop at a drive through to grab a burrito, those days have all but past, I just don’t eat traditional food when I am alone anymore, (I know, I know… but it’s been voted best of Abq many years, and I love it, mmmm.) and as a bonus, the amount of cash I have been saving is awesome.

Oh, and by the way, I compounded my waywardness even further tonight. So, I had a catered lunch, an early dinner burrito and now, after church the preacher was taking a visiting missionary to a local eatery so a couple of us went along. Dion’s Pizza also comes highly recommended 'round these parts. :slight_smile: At least I didn’t eat there alone.

Isaac, those leftovers sound pretty awesome too, no wonder you let the wife have her way.


[quote=“shadowhawkxx, post:10, topic:11667, full:true”]
To make up for terrible puns with actual contribution:[/quote]

[quote=“kennufs, post:12, topic:11667, full:true”]
Hey, stop bashing terrible puns. What’d they ever do to you other than put a smile on your face and a groan in your heart?[/quote]

I hope everyone’s read Scott Alexander on puns? Wordplay is the best.


One of the best lessons from Soylent is how the body retrains you to be more aware of what you put into it.(including getting picky about what restaurants have to offer) I have found that when consuming a mostly Soylent diet that any journey into the hi fat greasy zone causes considerable GI upset and I just don’t like eating it as much. I’m counting this as a positive as over the years I have probably eaten enough fried onions and potatoes skins that I just got used to it. Now I (and my body) know better. Are these things off my list forever, completely - no. Just looking to have a taste once in a while to see if I still like it.
@kennufs It will be interesting to hear how you feel after this full day of catered meals. How will you sleep? better, worse, no different? Are you having the afternoon crash? Are you consuming more caffeine? Do share, please.


I would say I am feeling the same as I would have had I eaten this same food pre-soylent, except that now the negative effects are more noticeable since I don’t experience them regularly. Stomach/bowel was a bit sour, and still is today, movements definitely not regular. I haven’t had anything yet today and it’s now mid day here, I may just call it a fast day, but we’ll see how I feel later.

I slept fine, no noticeable difference, allergies are a pain at the moment and my sinuses woke me up a few times, otherwise I may have seen a difference. I have been sleeping better overall on soylent, so I would expect a lower quality if I maintained eating as I did yesterday. I didn’t notice a crash yesterday, but the lunch was a good quality. When I was having afternoon crashes before I was typically eating heavier meals mid day, not as good as what was served yesterday.

I love coffee, but I don’t make it at home, except rarely, only have it when I am out, and when I do drink it I will usually do so in quantity. I can do a pot or two at times. I did have a cup yesterday morning, black, no real effect there. Drank a lot of water throughout the day, every break the class took I had to hit the head.

I know this weekend is going to be a bit off as well, and after yesterday I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming meals. Have a ticket for a fundraiser dinner Saturday, and almost always have Sunday lunch with friends.


I have also noticed a slight bit of angina today that hasn’t been an issue recently. Sodium content yesterday, maybe?


I couldn’t get the link to work. Here it is again. Fun read.