Soylent + ice = no grittiness?


I’ve recently started adding ice to my Soylent and I’ve noticed virtually no grit after doing so. Has anyone else noticed this? I only add 3 ice cubes to a serving of 16 oz. The slight dilution also improves the taste in my opinion. So, I don’t know if I should be adding more water when I make it (I fill the pitcher to the top), or somehow get my pitcher colder–unless it has to be ice.


I’ll give that a try with my next batch.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I think I’ve found the perfect shake-technique:
Add ice to cover the bottom (about 8 cubes?)
Add water to cover the bottom.
Add powder. (I put the bag a few inches into the pitcher and shake it in there to avoid spilling.)
Add ice to cover the top of the powder (about 8 cubes?)
Fill with water up to 3 inches from the top.
Shake what yo’ mama gave ya!
This makes it so the powder doesn’t clump onto the pitcher, eliminates grit, and makes the Soylent even colder than when it’s been in the fridge, which I think improves the taste.