"Soylent identifies ‘likely’ ingredients behind digestive issues...but won't say what they are"



“Our new formulations will no longer contain algal flour.”

Spoiler alert: rat poop


Nope, already ruled out.


Even worse: it’s the soy!


Soy isn’t an essential ingredient in Soylent, so that wouldn’t be the worst of all problems.


It was…

The salmon mousse!


One industry source told us: “… I don’t see how it’s possible in the time that they have had to come to any conclusions about the source of the problem… there’s a reason why larger companies have two to three year development cycles…"

Damn kids with your disruptive attitudes! You can’t possibly know what you’re doing!


Legally-speaking, Soylent needs to contain soy. (I wish it didn’t have any soy, but that’s a whole other story.)


Dias, you gotta change that avatar, bro. :stuck_out_tongue:


We have no obligation to have Soy.


Someone inform versions <=1.5!!!


Yeah that’s how it works. It’s why Swedish Fish have to include a small percentage of fish product in the candy.


Is that why my candy corn tastes like corn?


I think I read that you might get pulled over by the authorities for having the word Soy in the name but no Soy in the product. Of course, if you did remove all vestiges of Soy in the product that would finally be a great reason to rename the product, since that would help notify everyone that all Soy was gone. I think the presence of Soy in any form is one of the biggest stop signs for prospective purchasers. (not that I agree with them).


And a little bit of Swede as well.


I tried making it bigger, but that wasn’t an option.


Candy corn is shaped like corn, but doesn’t taste like it.


My heart breaks a little, inside, every time I use Baby Oil.


Seems like they’re saying now, though a direct update would be nice. Algae takes the blame.


That is kind of sad (from a sustainability perspective) that the algae is going to be removed, but it makes sense.