Soylent in cookie form


Welp I haven’t got my order yet but when will they put it in cookies or snack bars. I just don’t wanna go to work carrying a thermos every day. I’d rather have a nicely wrapped soylent power bar in the back of my pocket. And screw mixing I wouldn’t need to dirty a single dish besides a glass of water. I think the body may not be able to absorb the nutrients as well as liquid form but it would still bbe a great option in the soylent store.


There have been people who have baked with Soylent, I think @leecauble1 might have been the one to mention having made cookies before? Not sure so if I’m wrong, sorry for tagging you Lee :wink:

But as far as a pre-made product, I’d love to see it as well and can only hope that someday the company has an interest in going that route.


Yeah, I think Lee made peanut butter cookies? I’m assuming hers would have been using a beta version of the official Soylent. Also, @isaackotlicky has baked all manner of things with DIY soylent, IIRC.

One of the worries of baking is damaging certain nutrients, like proteins. Pressing the powder into a bar or mixing it with some kind of binding agent might work, but I’m not sure that would be ideal for nutrient absorption and it might need some tweaking to make it palatable as a solid food. Kool-aid tastes good (or at least it did when I was a kid), but I surely wouldn’t want to bite into a block of it. :slight_smile:

@vanclute, how daring are you? If there’s anything that might possibly be used as a binding agent (e.g. honey) that you are not opposed to consuming would you be willing to try making a Soylent bar?

I think Rob actually addressed the “solid Soylent” question a few times in different threads. I don’t want to put words into his mouth, but I seem to remember him basically dismissing the idea.


He addressed it in the fireside chat. He felt simple bars were uninspired and said he’d rather have something along the lines of Soylent apples. I love the way he thinks.


One has to work the present technology. I think soylent cookies can be made… but a soylent apple? I think we’re still away from that being technically possible. If chewing is as important as some studies argue, finding way to eating soylent in solid form becomes important


Agreed, but since they’re literally giving away the secret formula, I don’t think they feel the need to fill every market niche. I suspect the plan is to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s possible while disregarding a lot of the normal “baby-step” iterations most companies use.

Think Apple not bothering to add copy/paste till their third phone.


I did make PB cookies with beta and recently brownies with 1.0. After several attempts I got the cookies to a very light consistency. The brownies/cake was a little dense. Lucky for me I am spending this week with a master baker. The lack of gluten is why the density. She suggested more eggs. I asked about substituting applesauce for the egg. She said usually sub applesauce for oil. When I get home I will be sending her some Soylent to experiment with.
On the change to the nutrient profile- I believe team Soylent made some waffles and are doing some analysis on the affect of heating. Maybe @JulioMiles or @rob can share prelim update.


If someone wanted to create a no-bake cookie recipe from soylent then the nutrient absorption wouldn’t even need to be worried about.


From what I understand it’s more likely that the opposite is true, as before you can even to begin to absorb nutrients from solid food, your stomach needs to mulch it into a liquid slurry, aided by acid and enzymes. So by taking It in liquid form it’s got less to do.
But I am no expert. Maybe @jrowe47 can fill you in. He seems quite knowledgable on most matters nutrition


Once it hits your intestines, there’s not much of a difference between something you’ve chewed and something you’ve drunk. However, you need hydration, and you want water to maximize the surface area of what you’ve eaten (so it gets spread out evenly for optimal absorption.) If you don’t drink any water, then you risk chunks of the meal not getting completely digested. Just drink water with your soylent power cookie and chew thoroughly, and you’re essentially on the same level as Soylent.


Not that daring I’m afraid. =)


Would you care the share your PB cookie and brownie recipes?


Second call (nay - make that demand! Hand them over dammit!) for your cookie & brownie recipes. :smile:

I’ve got a bug up my butt (eww) to bake something out of Soylent now that we have plenty of it again. A cake, brownies, and cookies are the candidates. I’m no cook/baker by any means but I can follow clear directions like a champ. Usually. Most of the time. Sometimes. Probably.


I’m expecting my first month supply this weekend, and I plan to dedicate at least a few packets to experimenting with solid food bars. I’m going to avoid baking, and plan to base my experiments on no-bake granola bar and cookie recipes. Honey might be a suitable binding agent, and dehydrating or chilling the final mixture could yield a convenient solid bar. At that point I think playing with different solid textures and ingredients could be neat.


I’m very curious to hear how this turns out! One thing to keep in mind is that Soylent is already outrageously sticky when mixed with a lower water content. I made some “Soylentbutter” the other day and it was fairly tasty but SOOOO sticky.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I doubt you’d need anything to act as a binder. In fact I think you’d need something to act as a de-stickifier (what a word!) so that the bars could actually be handled without just making a big mess.

So far I keep coming back to brownies. They’re delicious and really quick to make now that I know I can do them in the microwave. And they’re completely portable and edible without any mess at all other than crumbs. Still, something not chocolate would be cool since I’m not always in a chocolate kinda mood!