Soylent in Europe?

Hi everyone,

I’d love to have some soylent around, but I am not about to make it a whole DIY project. Ideally I’d throw some reasonable amount of money after it and get sent a package of powder. I live in Denmark but I assume there’s pan-European interest.

Can someone knowledgeable on the topic summarize what options I have? I considered signing up for the US-only preorder and then have it shipped through a package forwarding service like, but it seems roundabout and expensive.


I have been wanting some official soylent since they first announced it… (I live in Denmark too) I had considered ordering it for a US address (family over there) and get them to ship it for me… but since it wouldn’t arrive much earlier than after march… I figured I would just wait until they can officially send it to me…

I live in Germany and can copy that.

As i strive for a no-work-healthy-staple meal for solitary dinners, DIY is a no go for me because of the work component it requires. If you are willing to invest enough time, fresh wholefood does the nutrition trick quite well!

Do we know about the official Soylent in Europe anything more than ‘International availability mid-2014.’?

Can’t you simply use another package forwarding service? E.g. seems pretty cheap to me.

That’s what I’ll try (in the UK) once they start shipping to the US.

I tried the shipito online calculator:

Shipping to Germany from their California Warehouse costs a whopping 127$ (DHL express). I used dimensions of 30x30x30 centimeters and 20kg weight a exemplary data.

Hm, for me it’s about $100. For a month’s supply that works out at $4.23 = £2.60 = €3.10 per meal. Not perfect, but it is comparable to my current food costs so I feel OK about it, especially when it comes with the extra benefits over what I’m eating now.

Soylent itself is (much) more expensive than I expected it to be. If I would ‘simply use another package forwarding service’ like, the overall cost would be just too high. In addition, the package most likely would be taxed (23% VAT), so the final cost would be: ($255 for month’s supply, shipping in USA included + $147,47 for shipping to Poland)*1,23 = $495.
Monthly minimum wage in Poland is equal to $390. If somebody earns $700 per month, it’s considered decently paid job.

The dimensions of a week’s supply of Soylent are 21x7x10" and the weight is 7 lbs. A month’s supply is simply 4 of the week’s supplies bundled together.

What about, let’s call it, official availability in Europe?
I think it’s time to share some plans more precise than ‘International availability mid-2014’. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind collecting orders, ordering a shipment, do the customs stuff and send soylent out to people. Depending on how many people order, I think we can cut down the transport price a lot.

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Where are you located?
And, more importantly, why would we trust you? Do we know you?

I’m in Belgium.
You shouldn’t trust me, but I didn’t say you needed to pay up front either.
I’m not sure who “we” is that should know me. I don’t know how to respond to that question.
I do have a business in Leuven, Belgium which makes it a little bit easier for me to front the cash, and organise shipping and whatnot.

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We = those, who are eager to buy Soylent in Europe without getting individual packages shipped from USA.

If you’ve got the money and are accustomed to import procedures, do not hesitate. You offer Soylent in Europe = you win. :wink:

To have worthwhile savings on shipping I do need to know how much interest there is. I can’t afford buying half a container of Soylent only to be stuck with it for a year.

First of all, you should know the Soylent team’s plans. There is no point in buying Soylent in bulk for resale if you won’t be able to offer it considerably earlier.

What’s become of the Webshop Europe Guys? As far as I remember they wanted to organize fulfillment in europe?

I tried the shipito online calculator:

EDIT: Using the dimensions for a month’s supply provided by Julio, 42x14x20 inch and 28 lbs, shipito calculates 176$ to germany by TNT economy.
So shipping by airfreight is super expensive :-((

@FlameRunner I mailed Soylent a few weeks ago about their future plans. Haven’t had a reply yet though.
I’d like to offer Soylent in my store eventually, but for now I’m just happy with buying in bulk and reselling with enough profit to cover my expenses, not taking my time into account.

@opethbass I’m looking into the possibility of other types of transport. Boats take a bit longer, but are a lot cheaper. I still have to check with customs if it’s legal to import Soylent and reselling it.
If I need to repackage it to have it conform to European norms, I’m afraid this would get too big for me to handle, let alone being able to keep it affordable.

Perhaps @rob or @JulioMiles can offer some insights?

I would buy a months supply at a time from you if it meant that I could begin much earlier than what the soylent team offers (before mid 2014)…