Soylent in Europe

Soylent is not available in Europe. sure fact.
When will it be? Still a sad mystery.

A friend of mine brought me some last winter from the States. And this discovery literally changed my life.
I can’t explain how this answered everything I wanted for a life time diet.
Except from when I am invited to dinner at some friends or in a nice restaurant, replacement meals like Soylent are now and since then my only diet. Which suits me perfectly. Even my doctor is amazed by the results on my health.
I live in Europe and have to order Soylent alternatives and trust me I have tried a lot of the different alternatives the European market offers: Joylent, Queal, Jake, Mana, Nano, Huel., etc…

But the thing I absolutely do not understand, and am so tired of, is:
Absolutely none of the european alternatives to Soylent is like Soylent, taste wise.
It is as none of them has ever even tried actual Soylent before claiming to be a European version of it.
There is an added flavor present in absolutely every European alternative. Even the ones who claim to be neutral, have added vanilla to their recipe.
I started with Soylent then discovered Queal unflavored version that is now discontinued. I loved it so much and never got tired of it. But apparently it was not selling enough so once I had no choice I tried everything else I could find on the market, which means only sweet flavored recipes.
Soylent has a neutral batter taste to it, and you can then flavor it if and as you want, which you might think is weird at first but turns out to be the key to not get tired of eating that way.
Why oh why no-one offers that basic Soylent appeal on the European market?
And why oh why are you all so happy in Europe with just those weird vanilla or apple or strawberry or whatever sweet cheap tastes?
Please Soylent come to Europe, your imitations here are absolutely lame.

Which version of Soylent did you try? My understanding is that the flavour has changed a bit between revisions.

I’m not, I ship Soylent over here from America.

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@pauldwaite I know the taste has evolved as their recipe has evolved too. Point is they do not add flavor as the Europeans do, right?
I would have it shipped from America if it did not cost that much and involve such an annoying process. :wink:
I also do this diet because of the budget.

Aha, yeah I think they’re still committed to the neutral base flavour (at least judging by how 1.5 tastes to me).

Yeah I pay more for shipping and customs than I do for the Soylent itself at the moment.