Soylent in my life


Hi All,

I can only hope this message reaches someone of importance
here. I quit Soylent after version 1.0 due to digestive distress and dislike of
the consistency but my coworker has continued to consume it daily (2-3 times).
Unfortunately the impact on our work environment has been catastrophic! His
frequent expulsion of gas has turned our once peaceful office space into
something reminiscent of Fallout 3. Other departments rely on interns to get
messages to us and consider this practice a hazing ritual of initiation due to
the toxic fumes nearly visible in our area. This tragedy doesn’t end at the
office as he takes the same path towards his home as me. I often heave a sigh
of relief finding a homeless man in the same train car as us as their vomit and
urine tends to mask the relentless crop dusting. Please escalate the priority
of gas reduction/neutralization for the safety of us all!


Concerned Victim


You poor soul… uh, for me personally, beano helps (I use a generic). Try suggesting it or getting him some as a gift (my bottle lasts for around a month for 5-10$).

Also, this has to be the most unique “Soylent experience” I’ve ever seen on the forums, but I still think it was the best fitting category.


FWIW, the gas has completely stopped with Soylent 1.3 for me.


The smelly gas is a much talked about topic on this forum. Rosa Labs is well aware of it already and is working on it. I would suggest doing a search on here and read about some of the things people have done/tried to deal with the problem.


A few people report this. Let’s hope it will hold true or they have an even better fix in 1.4.


these words got me thinking. If people farts smell like perfume will people around the farter end up liking instead of hating the farts or still feel disgusted since its technically a fart. :smile:

By qouting the above thing, I am not hoping team soylent will make soylent farts smell like above, i am just curious.


If your farts are turning people into ghouls and deathclaws that’s news to us.