Soylent in stores and places where bread is sold


I was just responding to your comment concerning a power outage and rotting milk. FWIW, the primary reason people stock up before a winter storm isn’t so much because the power might go out, though that is a real possibility, especially in an ice storm, but because they could very well get snowed in and it might be several days before they can get to a store again. Especially people who live in the country.

Either way, Soylent seems ideal for use as an emergency staple. And, if like me, you keep it stocked in the house anyway, then we’re ready for whatever the storms may bring!


badam means almond. 20 characters.


Man do I feel like an idiot!

I was initially thinking it must be some mysterious food, like jackfruit, that I’d hadn’t heard of before this week, and am not likely to experience anytime soon. But, yep, not even 30 seconds on my search engine of choice, and there it is! That certainly explains why Amazon presented it in the list for “almond milk powder” :blush:


Actually UHT milk can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time!


Not sure if this is sarcastic. There’s a reason why “Carnation” bothered me: I wasn’t looking for powder milk merely for nutrition or for “storing” milk outside the fridge. As a kid I just loved powdered milk, and that “Carnation” thing was nothing at all like the powdered milk I knew and loved as a kid.


It was an attempt at self-deprecating sarcasm.

We always had powdered milk in the cabinet, primarily for cooking and, in theory, for the odd power outage. Because of the clumping, I couldn’t image using it regularly for anything other than cooking.

I find it interesting that Nestle makes both the bad, not-so-tasty, clumping “Carnation” and the good, tasty, not-clumping “Nido” versions.


One of my favorite ways to use it was to mix it with cacao powder and powdered sugar (aka icing sugar) and just a little bit of water to give it a dough-like consistency. Homemade chocolate! (Warning: you will get fat!!)


Such an Indian giver - you got my taste buds into full Pavlovian mode :yum: and then slap me with the reality of inevitable weight-gain :cry:


As an asian myself…don’t you mean rice? lol


Rice, too, yet rice is a staple food of the poorest. Mid-income and above still consumes bread.


I think it’s the other way around. Bread is for the masses. Rice is for middle class and above.

At least that’s how I think it is in the Middle East.


They consume bread, but rice is still staple for the middle and upper income, in east and south east asia and southern india. In northern india, other parts of south asia wheat is staple while rice is consumed mostly by people who can afford it.


I just stock up on beer, whiskey, and ammo. Living in the forest with a wood furnace/stoves FTW. haha


I am so afraid that it is still not implemented. It would boost sales by thousands of times.


@soylent_team please hire this wo/man as VP of sales