Soylent in stores


I noticed in the “Soylent and Foodstamps” thread Rob mentioned Soylent eventually becoming available for purchase in actual “brick and mortar” stores. I was just curious, if everything goes as planned what the timeline is for making Soylent available in stores (both for cash and food stamp customers), and also what kind of stores he thinks would carry it.

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Furthermore, I’d be nervous about distribution deals. It’s difficult to get good market penetration for new products without the distro deal costing a good deal.


Hopefully it happens! I’d love to see it in large grocery chains or even convenience stores.


My guess is that health food stores will be the first to have them. They have vitamins and supplements, and most of products that also try to be like Soylent (those meal replacements, like Ensure). If it takes off and does well, I can see it finding it’s way into other stores, but I think the concept of such a product is going to take a while to make it into your local grocery store. If it gets highly popular, it has a much better chance.


Definitely something we intend to get to, but doesn’t yet have a distinct position on the roadmap, and it would be pure speculation to comment on the type of stores that might stock Soylent :smiley: