Soylent in Sweden


I’m from Sweden and I’m currently spreading the awareness of the existence of Soylent among my friends and theirs. I am part of a small Facebook group that is steadily growing.

My question to Swedes is what you think of Soylent’s potential in our country? Will there be a market for it? I’m considering opening a local branch of Soylent, situated in Stockholm, ordering and reselling the product in bulk to minimize shipping cost, alternatively starting production locally.



Sure, I think there might be an interest! Probably not to big to start with though. I believe people are skeptical in the beginning and you’d probably benefit a lot from doing together with the soylent team (i.e. using the exact same recipe, brands, etc).


I’m pretty sure there will be a interest. Maybe not a mass market at first but there is def. lots of ppl watching Soylent from Sweden and if you imported it and sold it would make the process easier for us in sweden that wants to try it out.


I just got a hold of 1 month of Soylent.
If there are any Swedes out there that are interested I’m willing to part with a few bags.
Unfortunately it wasn’t cheap so I’m not giving them away for free.
PM me if interested.


I’m Swedish but live in NY and have ordered my month of soylent (haven’t received it yet). I think, considering how tech-friendly and health conscious our dear homeland is, that Soylent could really have a big market there at least eventually, when it’s proven to be sustainable/eco-friendly and healthy. Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping for but I’m pretty naive.


I wrote to a reporter at SVD to get some Soylent notice in the press here.
It would be fun to get some hype going here in little old Svedala :slight_smile:


How did you sent it to Sweden? I’m interested in giving it a try too, but the current delivery options are… insane… to say the least…


Through Fedex, and a Guy who sold it on Ebay.
I wasn’t cheap mind you.
About 200US$ with export fees and shipping plus the cost of the Soylent then.


I am swedish and would really like to give soylent a try for a couple of weeks at first. I just stumbled onto a youtube video about soylent yesterday and thought it sounded amazing. I can definitely see this product becoming popular on the swedish market. We just need to continue spreading the word about soylent :smile:


You’ve probably already heard about it, but here’s your neighbour’s product Ambronite.


If you are interested in the “old” 1.0 version, you have the option on waiting until I give the rest away for free or buy now at a discounted price, maybe 50% of what it cost me…



Could I buy one bag from you? I live in Stockholm and we could meet up?