Soylent In The Media | Updated 11/23

If you’re like me, you’ve read every article you can find on Soylent at least twice. I’ve even helped with some background research for a couple. I thought it might be nice to have them all pulled together in one post. I’ll start with the ones that come to mind and edit to include more articles as people link to them or as they are published.

First Taste

5/15/14 ASAPTHOUGHT: Could You Stop Eating Food? (VIDEO)

5/18/14 ARS TECHNICA: Soylent 1.0 Arrives At Ars: We Mix It Up And Slurp It Down

6/12/14 COLBERT REPORT: Rob Rhinehart

6/23/14 BUSINESS INSIDER: Soylent, The Magic Food Replacement Milkshake, Is Surprisingly Delicious

Soylent Experience Diaries

2/13/13 ROB RHINEHART: How I Stopped Eating Food

6/7/13 POPULAR SCIENCE: How I Survived A Week Without Food

8/20/13 BLOG OF TIM FERRISS: Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks

8/26/13 ARS TECHNICA: Ars Does Soylent

11/12/13 VICE: How I Ate No Food for 30 Days

5/20/2014 YAHOO: Editor Nicole Goodkind does one week of Soylent

5/22/2014 METRO NEWS: Is The End Of Food Here? Soylent Hits The Market

5/30/14 THE GUARDIAN: My Week On Soylent: "I Was Irritable, Grumpy And A General Pain In The Arse

6/20/14 LONDON EVENING STANDARD: Could You Live Off Soylent For A Month

7/14/14 BUSINESS INSIDER: Soylent Is Like A Productivity Cheat Code — And More Observations From Two Weeks On The Meal Replacement Drink

7/17/14 THE VERGE: Soylent Survivor: One Month Living On Lab-Made Liquid Nourishment

The World of DIY

6/18/13 COOKING FOR 20: Hackerschool Soylent

9/27/13 THE VERGE: DIY Soylent: Upstart Nutritionists Fight The Tyranny Of Food

11/16/13 COOKING FOR 20: All Natural Soylent

Opinion Pieces

3/18/2013 THE LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN: Please Do Not Volunteer For This Study

6/1/2013 RETURN OF KINGS: Why Rob Rhinehart Is An Idiot

4/20/14 MEGHAN TEPLNER: The Soylent Killer

4/30/14 THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE: Man Cannot Live On Soylent Alone

4/30/14 THE ATLANTIC: Soylent, Meal Replacements, and the Hurdle of Boredom

5/7/14 THE INDEPENDENT: Could ‘Soylent’ replace food? The drink that claims to contain all the nutrients the body needs

5/9/14 HUFFINGTON POST: Soylent Could Make Food Preparation A Thing Of The Past

5/12/14 THE NEW YORKER: The End of Food

5/12/14 ALJAZEERA AMERICA: Let’s Embrace The Future Of Food

5/13/14 THE DAILY BEAST: Doc Says No To Soylent

5/13/14 FORBES: The Economics Of Soylent

5/13/14 METRO: ‘Semen-like’ juice that can replace need for solid food ‘flying off virtual shelves’ at £70 a pack on eBay

5/14/14 BUSTLE: Soylent Powdered Drink Aims To Replace Eating Food, As If That Sounds Appealing

5/14/14 THE WEEK: Soylent food is here — and it is tyrannical

5/15/14 FORAGING BLOG: Soylent

5/15/14 THE INDEPENDENT: Samuel Muston: Step away from the Soylent and enjoy the pleasures of real food

5/16/14 NBC PRESS HERE: Soylent Hopes For Green

5/19/14 COUNTERPUNCH: Soylent, Neoliberalism, and the Politics of Lifehacking

5/19/14 RAPTITUDE: Why The Hell Would Anyone Want To Live On Soylent?

5/23/13 POPULAR SCIENCE: What Happens When Mice Eat Nothing But Powdered Food

5/24/14 THE AUSTRALIAN: Soylent: The Gloopy Beige Drink Some Investors Believe Could Be The End Of Food (No subscription needed. Just close the pop-up.)

5/27/14 VENTUREBEAT: Soylent-Style Powdered Food Shows Bad Long-Term Consequences In Mice

5/28/14 ARS TECHNICA: The Psychology Of Soylent And The Prison Of First-World Food Choices

5/28/14 THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Soylent Revolution Will Not Be Pleasurable

5/28/14 THE PITT NEWS: You’ll Never Have To Eat Again: New Drink Provides Essential Nutrients

5/29/14 SFIST: Regarding Soylent, The Nutritional Shake Invented By S.F.-Based Brogrammers With No Time To Eat

5/29/14 SMART PLANET: Why You Should Be Skeptical Of Soylent, The Food Replacement Product

5/29/14 YAHOO FOOD: Is Food Just “Fuel”? Soylent Sparks Debate

5/30/14 THE GUARDIAN: My Week On Soylent: "I Was Irritable, Grumpy And A General Pain In The Arse

5/31/14 IEET: Soylent The Not People Food Alternative

5/31/14 POLICYMIC: Scientists Discovered Serious Problems With the Food Alternative Everyone’s Talking About

6/2/14 U.S. CATHOLIC: Is the “meal replacement” revolution at hand?

6/3/14 REAL CLEAR SCIENCE: The Simple & Unavoidable Reason Why Soylent Won’t Be ‘The End of Food’

6/4/14 CENTRAL FLORIDA FUTURE: Soylent: The Future of Food

6/6/14 YAHOO FINANCE: Could This Powder Replace Food Forever?

6/10/14 TIME: Soylent Has Some Competition—And We Taste-Tested It

6/12/14 CONTRIBUTORIA: Food Hacking And The Future Of Hunger

6/12/14 THE GUARDIAN: Soylent Stops You Worrying About Food? But That’s One Of Life’s Pleasures

6/17/14 PHOODIE.INFO: Ambronite Offers Organic Soylent For Those Who Eschew Chewing

6/19/14 VALLEYWAG: Soylent’s Anti-Food Propaganda Is Mesmerizing

6/20/14 HUMANITY+ MAGAZINE: Transhumanists Against Hunger

6/23/14 QUARTZ: Nestle Is Developing A Soylent-Like “Nutrient Nespresso”

7/4/14 VICE: This Former Drug Dealer Came Up With Europe’s Answer To Soylent

7/14/14 NEW HOPE 360: Expert Describes “Food Replacement” Soylent Shake As “Sad”

7/15/14 WALL STREET JOURNAL: BitBeat: This Soylent Is Not Green, But It Does Take Bitcoin

7/18/14 NPR: Soylent DIYers Sell Their Own Versions Of The Powdered Food

7/21/14 THE GUARDIAN: The Tech Utopia Nobody Wants: Why The World Nerds Are Creating Will Be Awful

Non-Professional Blogs

I Am Soylent ( @vanclute )

Lee Cauble Blog ( @leecauble1 )

Life After Food ( @CarltonLemley )

Life On Soylent ( @TheWebRecluse )

Rob Rhinehart ( @rob )

Soylent For Life ( @BriBy )

Soylent Noise ( @soylentnoise )

Soylent Queen @delusion

Soylent Vlog ( @Neebs57 )


nice! can you keep editing the top post? and then put a new post saying its been updated? I find it easier to keep track of them all this way!

much appreciated.


Excellent suggestion. It could be something like *Updated 5-14-14" or similar. This is going to be a great ongoing post. Thanks @CarltonLemley!


I wish someone in the media would actually get some Soylent and try it and give a first hand accounting. All anyone is doing is reprinting tweaked versions of what someone else has said. Bah.


Yeah- just updating the top post will push it to the top though, right? Or are you saying it helps keep track because each addition is acknowledged in the thread as having been added?

Seems like media coverage is generally negative and uninformed too. The one (from Aljazeera America i think?) devolves into anti capitalist rants about corporations force feeding this instead of lunch breaks.

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Yeah I read one sentence from that article and knew it was just a completely illogical passionate rant. Didn’t waste any more time on it.

Ha ha- even so, I’ve added Al Jazeera to the list

I loved the piece on Forbes that’s a direct response to The Week. You need to post that up there - I saw it today in the forums…


Updated to include Forbes article from 5/13

EDIT: Also added article from The Atlantic

I would give my opinion on the “tyrannical” article but there is really nothing constructive to say about it and all it deserves is to be pointed at and mocked. But my post would be reported for the honesty.

But this is a good idea.

Updating the top post wont change status. However, writing a post simply stating “more links added” would bump this thread. Then we simply have to click/scroll to the top.

Here’s one…

Mine’s due to arrive here on Friday!


The bar for writing about Soylent seems terribly low.

“Doc says no to Soylent!” - Not for any real reason he can articulate, just cuz.

“Soylent is tyrranical!” - because of what I assume will happen in the future, despite historical trends not supporting it.


It does indeed seem people like to say “This is stupid because I think it’s stupid because I had a nice dinner one time and ohmygawdwhydoyouhatepoorpeople?!?!?!?!?”

It’s taking every ounce of self-restraint I have not to annotate the links, but I think its best to leave judgement up to each person.

EDIT: Updated to include article from The Daily Beast


Kudos on the self-restraint, it’s a helluva task. Though would it be possible to mark articles as ‘opinion’ or not? It might start to give us an at-a-glance idea as to who’s just Saying Things to Say Things, vs those outlets who are actually putting a close eye on what’s going on. (I gather this would depend heavily on the level of journalism vs editorialization in the publication, for larger ones like Al Jazeera, the distinction may be more important.)

Great, i’m tired of commenting on Net Neutrality articles. Been waiting for the next installment of the Ars Soylent experiment. Particularly interested in taste/texture changes from the previous articles.

I love the comparison of other articles to things like slimfast… I’m pretty confident slimfast wasn’t designed to supply all the macro and micro nutrients a person requires, particularly all the amino acids. It’s a diet product, not a food substitute (which I know soylent is categorized as a supplement/nutrition product, but it was designed for the purpose of being a food replacement… either for a single meal here and there or all of your meals. Really each persons choice, particularly on their addiction to the flavor of their favorite foods.)

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I think in those “four out of five doctors recommend…” categories, he’d be that 5th doctor. I actually discussed Soylent with my doctor and she’s all for it and has agreed to run some blood work after I finally start using Soylent (I already have the pre-Soylent blood tests done).

It might be nice to have them grouped out in categories such as opinion, experience diary, first taste, etc.

What do you think the best categories would be? As of right now, we’d obviously be heavy on opinion, but I suspect the “first taste” category is about to explode.