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@brybi I just watched your DIY video. Are you a pro? You rock! I will say my own attempt at DIY did not go so well. Can’t wait to see your first taste experience of Soylent™.


Thanks Lee!!! I do shoot video for a living. I am a legal videographer by profession. In another life, I was an entertainer in Las Vegas. Maybe all that stuff is coming together. :slight_smile: DIY has given me such a huge appreciation of what all goes into Soylent. However, I am SO ready for the convenience of Soylent shipped to my door.

I remember on your blog when you said, “The first taste confirms it. I am having a malted milk shake! I am in heaven.”

Yep, I am definitely ready for my first Soylent taste experience!


Not sure that this is technically “media” but I thought it was actually pretty balanced. Interestingly the author says he has even continued having Soylent after his “failed” experiment. Of course it was DIY, so that has to be taken into consideration as well. Still, it’s an overall quite positive piece and I didn’t see it in the forum already.


This is the article that got me excited about Soylent. The writer used a DIY recipe. It was published exactly a year ago and I got my first order today.


UPDATE: Its been a bit of a slow new week, but Time ran an article on a Soylent competitor yesterday:

Soylent Has Some Competition—And We Taste-Tested It


Ambronite will never be a real competitor. They’re geared towards the high-end market more than anything else.


That’s true, but there are so many unique factors (super-easy, 100% filling, really cheap, nutritionally complete, etc) about Soylent that there are currently a lot of people who may only be putting up with Soylent because it is the only product that meets a single requirement. I suspect some people currently intrigued by Soylent will gravitate towards other alternatives that better fit their needs in time.

At this point though, I don’t think Ambronite is Soylent’s main competitor. For years, Under Armour would tell you that they weren’t worried about trying to compete with Nike and Reebok. Instead, they saw their main competition as the cotton t-shirt. Soylent is creating an entirely new market. As long as they continue to bring new people in, they needn’t worry about folks like Ambronite. They’re focused on frozen quesadillas.


Like spaceman’s blend?


Possibly. Aside from a wider variety of flavors, I’m not sure what advantages his stuff might have. I can definitely see my girlfriend’s sister (currently waiting on her post-April order) wanting something with a little more street-cred amongst her yoga buddies. I can also imagine an athlete-oriented brand taking off, or even something designed with adventure seekers in mind (higher sodium, etc as well as more sturdy and smaller packaging).

There is plenty of space in the new market, and as the first-mover in that space Soylent has the luxury of deciding exactly where they want to compete. As long as they execute well in whatever marketplaces they choose to compete in, it will be 5-10 years before their biggest competitor will be any Soylent alternative.


Soylent stops you worrying about food? But that’s one of life’s pleasures

This is a strange article. The guy makes many claims that are good reasons for a product like Soylent to exist. Then he says what a terrible idea it is and how nobody wants it.

I think the answer is that worrying about food is one of its chief pleasures.


Should we mention last night’s Colbert Report as “Soylent in the media”?


Food hacking and the future of hunger

Talks about Soylent in regards to hunger, poverty, food insecurity.

Critics of biohacking dismiss the practice as the obsession of alpha geeks. But finding out how to optimise nutrition may have wider implications. It could tackle world hunger.


We don’t need biohacking to tackle world hunger, we need the rule of law.


UPDATE: Added links to articles from Contributoria, The Guardian, and the video from The Colbert Report.


UPDATE: Added link to piece about Ambronite with liberal Soylent references.


But biohacking helps.


Soylent’s Anti-Food Propaganda Is Mesmerizing

Here’s a new one getting lots of tweets at the moment.


UPDATE: Two additions both worth a read:

London Evening Standard: Could You Live Off Soylent For A Month?

Valleywag: Soylent’s Anti-Food Propaganda Is Mesmerizing


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Very interesting article on soylent and world hunger:

I’ll have to wait till I have more than an iPhone to do the formatting to add it to the list properly.