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Wow, the author of that The Week article is a bit of a tool. Among the many things I could poke, I’m going to go with

I guess people that live on their own haven’t learned how to be human then. :trollface:

As many people have pointed out, eating Soylent doesn’t mean that you don’t see or interact with anyone else, and it doesn’t prevent you from eating “conventional” food, either daily or going out for special occasions. Like his homeless buddy and the steak, really. He doesn’t have a steak dinner for every meal, after all. It’s something special, which he treasures. Surely that would go really well with having Soylent for when he can’t afford the whole dining experience, rather than having to worry about cooking rice or whatever.


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Yeah, once again the worst things people say about Soylent is:

  • It’s weird. They can’t picture themselves drinking a meal so it’s
    probably safe to say that it’s a bad idea. It basically goes like this: “I love food, so this idea doesn’t appeal to me which makes it a horrible thing to do.” (Basically the most selfish thing a writer can publish.) Opinions of course are welcome, but to approach the idea with your mind already 80% made up, isn’t helping anyone.

  • The implications that follow they just can’t fathom. Less grocery shopping (if any at all), less social gatherings around food, the idea that the economy might have a heart attack if we need restaurants, supermarkets, in general a little less.

Most of the reasons against Soylent are completely selfish.


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Sensuality? Ewww. No, sorry. Sensuality and food have no place at the same table IMO.

And speaking for myself growing up, my family didn’t really do “mealtime” so I guess I never learned to be human. Must be why I usually prefer cats (or just about any animal really).


I see you’ve got Tim Ferris’ blog there, is it going to get unmanageable if we include other real user experience blogs/videos/posts? If not I’d offer up my own video channel as well as suggest this thread by @krehem


Sensuality is not sexuality, even if it often used on those connotations. Sensuality just means anything that is intense and pleasurable for your senses, including taste. A good meal can be extremely sensual, despite being completely nonsexual.


Yeah I realize, and for me my comment stands. I don’t get what I would ever call intense pleasure from food. Even post-Soylent, though many things taste far better than they ever have before, I would never equate those sensations with “intense pleasure”. But that’s just me. Food is heavily, heavily sexualized in the US at least (to the point of “food porn” being a thing… ick) and the merest suggestion of that has always completely icked me out my whole life. But I realize it’s a personal subjective thing. That’s what annoyed me about that guy’s remark, making it this blanket absolute true-for-everyone observation, which is clearly isn’t.


I certainly wouldn’t put my, or really anyone else’s blog in a category alongside Tim Ferriss (his readership is a couple of million), but I don’t see any reason not to add a category for Soylent blogs even if it stretches the title “in the media” a bit.

Tell you what, either like or comment if you’d like to see blogs added. If not, you’ll have to post :smile:


Yeah it’s a bit of a line to walk for sure. Personally I really want to discover more people who are posting about their experiences with Soylent, but as more and more people receive it we’ll eventually get buried in the sheer volume of it all. So I dunno if it makes sense here or not. Or maybe it does until it doesn’t.


Oh god. All the things are wrong with that article.


There’s already a blogs thread, but it’s not organized like this one. I don’t think it would hurt to put in a blogs category under the rest of the media. @BriBy has a blog and has done some videos regarding DIY, and I think we all know @vanclute around here. :smile:


The Independent in the UK had contacted me to answer some questions. The resulting article is snarky (and full of errors) but here’s the link. The biologist they interviewed thinks the the project is “unbelievably naïve" But the best quote is: "It seems like Soylent is a group of blokes from university who have got onto a bloody good wheeze.” <—I don’t even know what that means, but I LOL’d.


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You have to remember that the point of these articles isn’t to inform, but to generate article hits. So they’re going to be written in a way that appeals to their readership.


Yep, I actually get slightly queasy any time I share or “like” one of these piece of crap articles, knowing full well they’re only written to get eyeballs on ads. But the reality is that right now, the more exposure Soylent gets the better, and it’s all exposure so… a-liking I will go!


I made a remark last night in response to the “What’s for dinner?” question; “Soylent!”

Was surprised that a person who I never discussed the product with knew what I was talking about and asked if I had been reading about it. You can guess my response…

Definitely getting word into the mainstream, I like it!


I’m remiss in adding this, but for the sake of a Complete list (both positive and the crazy), here’s another opinion piece that came out last year:


Has this one been posted yet? I didnt see it.
Who knew that a meal that costs $92.56 tastes better than a $4 meal of Soylent? WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!?


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Highlight: He calls Rob “mad as a box of frogs”.