Soylent in The Netherlands


Hello all,

I’m based in The Netherlands and started using Soylent today. You can follow me in Dutch on my Twitter @eetexperiment. Will post my recipe later today.


I’m also from the Netherlands. At the moment I use those ingredients:
1 litre of organic milk (phosphorus/calcium and half of potassium)
mix of 50% sugar 50% dextrose (vitamine A, omega 3-6-7-9, vitamine D, vitamine K2)

It is a long way from perfect, but I quite like it. I drink 1 litre of milk, and 3 litre of something that tastes like sprite. No fats/proteins, just carbs and vitamins and citron flavour. My proteins I get from milk and meat (I just like to eat meat, so I don’t use protein powder).


Here is my list of ingredients with suppliers that are from NL or deliver there. Comments and tips are very welcome! (It’s in Dutch but most of the names of ingredients look pretty much the same as in English)


So added my own, based on hackerschool recipe.

Wheat and olive oil not withstanding it comes about 3 euro something a day.

Aim to first use it to lose a few fat-percentages (at 13% now, will go down to about 9%…) then add more wheat and olive oil to make up for the current calorie deficit.

On day eight, now.

So far so good. Have lost 2 kilos on the scale, So I guess about 500 gr of fat.