Soylent in the UK/Re - ship?


Hi all,

I read about this in today’s UK edition of The Times! I find cooking/shopping/food planning so much of an irritation that I got really excited when reading.

I came to the website then became really deflated when I found out it only ships within the USA.

Do we have any idea of dates for a UK launch platform?

In addition, I have looked at using RE - SHIP companies in the US that forward parcels, what size and wieght does the 14 day packages come in?

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Checkout their website for details but EU shipping won’t happen until the end of the month year:


Does anybody have any idea how much it would cost to ship 1 month of soylent to the UK of another country in europe ?


Hah. Month? Try year :frowning:


So does anyone know the dimensions and wieght of the 14 bag starter pack. This way I can get it delivered to a courier who will process it for delivery to Europe.



YEAR. End of the YEAR. No clue why I wrote month.


For seven days:

Size: 22in x 6in x 11in
Weight: About 10lbs

Shipping cost: Probably $80 excluding VAT and import tax (if any).


I’d assume they manufacture it in Europe too no? I don’t see why would anyone want to lose the world’s biggest economic block in terms of sales.


Cheers for the reply everyone. I really want to order but I can’t justify the re ship costs. Looks like I’m doomed to wait until uk distribution.



Check MANA - Jacob’s soylent from Czech Republic.
Very close to official and ships in EU.