Soylent in the UK?


The telegraph has just published a piece saying Soylent is coming to the UK.

When when when when when? :smiley:


Wow, the telegraph displaying again here how far their journalistic integrity has fallen in the last few years. Aside from the completely unnecessary and hostile jab at users in the opening paragraph, the following jumps out as incredibly lazy researching:

“The vegetarian formula, which is made from a soybean protein, oats and grapeseed oil, has been engineered to provide the necessary nutrition humans need to survive”.

I’ll excuse the mention of oats due to the presence of oat fibre, but I’m pretty sure Soylent hasn’t had grapeseed oil in it for close to five years.

With that out the way, I too would be interested in finding out more about this. I’ve been curious to try Soylent for some time.


Well, they didn’t even make it through the title without being having a dig.


Yeah it’s strange. As soon as I saw the Telegraph headline (my Google Alert turned it up a few hours after it was created) I checked and – nothing.

The article doesn’t mention which retailers will carry it, and that would normally be a big part of the story. Certainly Bryan C. would want to trumpet which retailers were picking them up. “We’re enthusiastic about our new partnership with …”

Also there are business publications that would feature any such announcement if it mentioned specific retail chains. Several such articles appeared in my feed right after the Kroger announcement, for example.


Check this twitter exchange.


They’ve replied on Facebook as well. Exciting times.


I can’t read the article. Can someone maybe copy the text and paste it to the internet (on an article publishing tool like maybe? thnx)


According to the Twitter thread, tomorrow (September 12) on Amazon UK.

Wonder if it’ll be bottles or powder.


I’ve got my fingers crossed for both, but my money’s on the RTD.


It is already 2am on 12 Sept in England, and a search on brings up only Saturo, Huel and YFood. Oh, and the Soylent Green DVD…


Now it’s 4pm in England and still no Soylent on


Seems it’s going to be the 18th now. Not too much longer.


How you know dat info?


over on reddit


Thanks. I missed that one!


@soylent: Hello, UK! We’ve arrived! Whether you’re craving a spot of coffee or a more subtle flavour for your next meal, each bottle of Soylent delivers a ready-to-drink meal with the nutrition you want. Available on AmazonUK ➜


Just realised there’s no L-Theanine in the Cafe Mocha. - Still has the yellow strip but just says ‘with coffee’. that’s a downer :frowning:


Oh no! I hadn’t noticed that! That’s too bad. Maybe it’s the placebo affect but I always find the L-theanine/caffeine combo gives me a more relaxed energy. Straight-up caffeine gives me jitters.