Soylent Inflamation Factor


i wonder have any one wonders over the IF(inflammation Factor) of Soylent and DIY Soylent?

Whey has according to them an if of -11 to -340 per 100g

and oats have from -19 to -364 Per 100g

they are dependent on the different types

while fish oil cod has a value over +7500 per 100g


no thoughts on this? @rob @ruipacheco
you guys i know have more knowledge on this maybe ?


Someone else to tag would be @JulioMiles.


Why me? I don’t even have a DIY recipe.


i think more of that you may have some knowledges in nutrition, soy lent have oats,Pea and rise protein witch are all very inflammatory.


Soylent has pee? Can I cancel my order?


As I stated before, I work in software. I know very little about nutrition although I post things I believe the forum will find interesting.


ether it was soy ore pea proteins in it, but the Soy/pea proteins
not pee XP


It’s definitely something I considered for my recipe. I create mine in excel and just copy the results into soylentmaker specifically so I can do custom stuff like this. What I do is enter the inflammation (estimate - remember it’s calculated via a formula) value for each ingredient, multiply by amount of each ingredient, and add the total for a day.

My total is currently -97 (which means inflammatory), the only negative thing in there is coconut but I use lots and lots of coconut. However I have an irrational belief that this strong inflammation value estimate for coconut is just plain wrong, so I’m ignoring the results. This is pretty damn biased and awful science, but it’s only me, you know? Not feeding anyone else here.

FWIW strongly anti-inflammatory ingredients (according to the same formula and the data on are: cod liver oil, flax oil, olive oil, rapeseed (canola) oil, peanuts, almonds. More generally, omega 6 fats are inflammatory and omega 3 anti-inflammatory.


But it can be a factor even if it’s not an exakt science.
but it can be a big factor if you have a lot of sources with inflammatory abilities. but your cocoa is many close to that but ut gives a hint non the les,
it’s also a lot of interesting info you can find when you research a DIY recipe.


Of course inflammation is something to be minimized. However, I have to be honest and say this measure designed (and trademarked) by Monica does not sound very thorough or scientific, especially since the actual formula used to calculate it is not listed. I would love to put some work in to finding a rigorous measure for inflammation potential, but my gut tells me it may be too individual to standardize.