Soylent information database FTP server


It probably doesn’t work yet because of the NAT settings on my router, but I created an FTP server where you can share files and information on Soylent and health/biology/chemistry/nutrition. Basically just a folder to drop articles and pictures in, or any other learning material.

Type this in your browser to use it:

Login with the username Guest and no password.

Let me know if it doesn’t work.


Why on earth would we give you, stranger, our information?

Also, recipes are stored here:


It’s a file sharing protocol.
It’s just a place to share any articles/documents/pictures we come across that are useful in our understanding of nutrition/soylent/etc.

What do you mean “give me your information?”.

It’s just to give everyone easy access to any information they come across and want to share.

You can view the files too it’s not just one way -_-.


And then you turn off your computer and we lose access to it.

Thanks but we got this covered.


Okay then?

Covered how? Where are people sharing articles and nutritional information right now?

And if that’s the problem there are plenty of file hosting sites, too.


Uhhh… here?

Also do you have a static or dynamic IP?


Yeah but it’s not centralized or organized it’s just randomly posted throughout.

Dynamic IP but I never turn my PC off so it hasn’t changed since I got a new ISP.

If it’s not working then it’s just my modem configuration.


It’s an appreciated effort, and we have discussed a repository for specific nutrition information before, but there are better (and safer for you) ways to go about it. Keep in mind it can be dangerous to open up an ftp server to the 'net, especially if it’s to your personal computer. Your ISP can also slap you with a fine for doing so. (Also technically difficult; your IP can change even if you leave your computer on.)

As mentioned above, offers an ability to upload nutrition information for specific ingredients. At the moment it’s probably our safest bet, and @nickp has done some awesome work in this regard. Thanks!


As far as that goes I don’t keep anything important on my computer. The FTP server runs under a VM so is essentially sandboxed.

Also as long as my PC is on and connected it will continue to renew the IP address it has.

Yeah there are better ways to do it and I’m still going to, but maybe something hosted online is a better idea.

This is less about ingredients and more about things having scientific interest such as articles.


Understandable. A wiki on soylent-specific nutrition would be awesome, but so far the few that have been started end up flopping; more than likely it would just link to other resources per nutrient (like or, but would hopefully include other more chemical aspects (like molar masses & percentages of specific compounds).


Hmm, well I’ve been needing a challenge lately so if there’s specific information you feel would be useful I can download the USDA nutrient database and go to town on it with some .NET and I could probably glean mountains of useful information.


Actually, the information collection is mostly covered; right now it’s just scattered across the discussion board, so centralization is what’s needed.

If you’re up for the leg-work, though, having somebody to get a start on the subreddit wiki would be awesome. I can give you access to add / edit, and from there you can create entries. I figure a good start would be entries for the main ‘required’ nutrients of the macro & micro [eg: potassium, fat, calcium, protein, etc] with lists of their respective sources [eg: potassium gluconate, olive oil, calcium carbonate, whey], molar mass %s, various countries RDIs / DRIs, etc.


I would have no idea how but if you give me access I’ll definitely put the effort in.
Also is it nickp that made the makesoylent site?
It wouldn’t be too difficult to add all the foods from the nutrient database to his site as well.


Cool! I’ll PM you the details. As for, there’s already a start to it, technically. His system pulls the ingredient by its commercial source, while I think a wiki would do better by having the specific / desired ingredient as the ‘top level,’ then contain details for compounds, and from there commercial sources (though that may or may not be as useful or wise imho).

As an added note, check out the markdown language. Both the discourse board and reddit wiki use it for styling, and it’s what I’ve started with for the FAQ.


Why would they not just use HTML?
Alright. I asked for a challenge and I got one lol…

The problem with something like reddit is the complete inability to create anything other than plaintext. That’s the impression I get anyways.

But yeah I actually just put together a list of nutrients, DVs, upper limits, deficiency symptoms and overdose symptoms. So maybe that’s what I could start with, just formatting it for reddit.


Because standards. Also html is a little verbose for forums and wikis, lol.


Because Markdown is actually fantastic.


[quote=“kthprog, post:15, topic:4705, full:true”]
Why would they not just use HTML?[/quote]

It’s true - Markdown is amazing, although its image syntax is a bit horrendous.


Irrelevant. When (not if) you get hacked you’ll start sending spam and serving CP to the whole network, and be liable for it.


Also, why on earth would a random group of people want to store anything in your personal computer? And what makes you think that was a good idea to begin with?