Soylent Initial Reaction


So I received my Soylent yesterday afternoon (8 weeks).  After reading that the consistency and mouth feel of Soylent gets significantly better after chilling over night, I resisted the urge to do a first taste until this morning.

I left the Soylent in the provided pitcher for the entire night, but, after a good shake since the oil separated, I transferred it to three Blender Bottles and went off to work.  At first I was very surprised how thick the drink was compared to my DIY (I did fill the pitcher all the way to the top).  Maybe it was because my DIY had more protein and fewer carbs which results in less powder per calorie.  Either way, it was much thicker than I had imagined it.

For this first day, I have decided to do just pure Soylent and not try to add any flavorings (I generally like to add cinnamon and nutmeg to my DIY).  I think I agree with the general consensus on the mouthfeel.  It is a little “silty” but much, much more smooth than my DIY.  I can’t say that I am enamored with the taste but I am not repulsed by it either. There is little fish oil aftertaste for about 15 seconds, but then it was gone.  It is pretty neutral, but I can definitely taste the difference in the protein sources between my DIY and the official Soylent.

I ended up drinking a “meal” in about 20 minutes, and for the 30 minutes after that I began to feel more and more full.  I may need to change from my normal 3 meal schedule to 4 or 5 meals a day because I almost became uncomfortably full.

All in all, it was not a bad first experience.  Maybe the taste will grow on me over the next week, but I do look forward to experimenting with new flavorings.  I do not believe that I would be able to last a prolonged period of time on Soylent with the out of the bag flavor.

Should be an interesting journey….

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Great first post.

I wonder what would happen if you only mixed the powder and water the night before and then added the oil in the morning. You would have to shake it real good, of course.

Not sure if it would taste more like fish oil, or less but would be an interesting experiment. As soon as I get mine, I’ll try it and report back.


It’s interesting that you can taste the fish oil. I don’t eat fish, and can’t stand the smell or taste of fish but can’t detect anything fishy in my Soylent, just malty slightly vanilla goodness (I happen to like the taste). I will still be experimenting significantly with different flavors, and just ordered a bunch of sample-size flavor oils to try out. Make sure to share anything you find that works for you. :smiley:


I have always been sensitive to the taste of fish oil. I guess I was hoping that it would be subtle enough not to notice. Unfortunately, the taste seemed to get stronger the more I drank. I need to find some type of flavoring to cover it.


Well, it has been a week on the official Soylent, and I am liking it. I did figure out a way to flavor it to get over my previous sensitivities. PB2 is my savior. So, I think that I should be able to handle this long term. Other positive news is that I have lost just under 4 pounds in the last week without a change to my normal physical activity level (that is next on my list).

So far it has been a good start and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Tonight, I am trying @Leecauble 's cookie recipe. I would love to eat cookies all day and still be “somewhat” healthy.


Just an FYI, I made the cookies that you’re talking about and when I added up all the ingredients, they came out to over 2000 calories. That’s in addition to the Soylent powder & oil which is 2010 calories. So you can make the cookies, but you can only eat half of them each day in order to stay around 2000 calories.


Good catch @tabbyc. Soylent cookies sound like a great idea, and I plan to try them someday, but it’s probably not something you’d want to live off of as you’d be halving many of your nutrients to stay at a “normal” calorie level. Grinding up a multivitamin into the mix would probably help, but someone would need to do the math first to make sure we’re not going over on anything important.


The intent was never to live solely on the cookies, But to use them as a snack if a late night craving hits. But they are damn good.


What’s PB2? I want to hear more about your flavoring ideas.


Powdered peanut butter.