Soylent is amazing....The demand and passion for it are crazy good


I mean I’ve been a part of other crowd funding campaigns and I’ve never seen such an uproar about getting product.

Shows me that Soylent is doing something right.


It’s a pretty good product, but the bigger thing IMO is the idea behind it.


I like that fact, that people are easily joining. Because they are substituting something they get used to, to potentially something better.
It’s not $100 peace of technology with unclear final value for the consumer, it’s a chance to replace your $400 monthly food bill with $255 much healthier, easier, and balanced drink. That’s why people are much less resistant to place a week or month order to try, because almost in all cases they will get more than they invested: food substitution and something totally new to experience (even if it turns out that it’s not ideally for them).

Soylent have a big future and idea is so simple, so I wonder why it was not possible 5-10 years ago?


Exactly. I was looking at the $80 for a weeks worth and was debating about it and if I would even like it, then I thought about the $50-$100 I would spend a week for lunch and dinner (which were usually junk food or fast food) and decided it was worth it. I think a lot of people enjoy it because you can customize it any way you want and make it fit into your life style (it’s the food version of Linux! lol). After drinking my first bag I wasn’t sure if I was going to be re-ordering due to the taste and texture, but after adjusting my prep method and adding in some chocolate syrup I’m definitely going to order a two week supply or maybe a month supply (don’t want to buy too much because Soylent is constantly being upgraded)!