Soylent is an odd name for a product

Honestly I was really offput by the name of this product. Really? Soylent like the movie Soylent Green? Where people are low on food therefore they give people Soylent Green which is PEOPLE. Almost like it was some sick corporate joke on the naive populace of citizens. Not cool @ all.

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It’s funny, it’s memorable, I think it’s a pretty cool name.


You’re a few years late to the party on this one. The name is taken from the book “Make Room! Make Room!” which was then used as the basis for the movie. However the book had nothing at all about cannibalism, that was added for the movie to make it more dramatic and shocking. But yet the name is a combination os Soy and Lentils, which was the basis for the foodstuffs used in the book.


Sure hope you aren’t loosing a lot of sleep over this.

Punish them by not buying their product… looks like you’d have a hard time consuming it anyway.

I just cancelled my subscription that I’ve had since 2014, thank you for alerting me to this alarming info re: the name of the product.


Honestly, I didn’t know about the book. I love Soylent, I actually crave it. I just wish it had another name ONLY because EVERY time I try to get a friend or family to try it, because of the name, they laugh and say no thank you… which is sad because they don’t know what they are missing. Is it ignorance? yes, but still sad that so many people will not try it because of the name.

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Love the name! it’s fun and edgy and gets people’s attention. Don’t ever change it.