Soylent is giving me Diabeetus


I’ve been on DIY for close to a year with regular checkups, everything always within normal range. When I received Soylent I wanted a baseline to observe changes so I went to my Endochronoligist and did bloodwork with everything being normal. After using Soylent for about a month and suffering from light headedness, brain fog and gas I started to taper down Soylent and had my bloodwork done again.

Except this time the test came back with elevated Hemoglobin A1c 5.7 High% 4.8 - 5.6
which according to him I became a pre-diabetic within a 2 month period. Well the only thing that changed was me using Soylent. He is asking for a complete nutritional breakdown of Soylent, not just what is on the label on the back of the bag, anyone know where I could get that info?

Personally I would guess that there is someting wrong with the carbs in Soylent which would cause the fuzzines and headaches through inapropriate carbohydrate absorbtion, again thats just my guess.


interesting. I will be getting my blood test next month and Im already in those bad numbers…



Don’t know the maltodextrin type, or the isolate/flour breakdowns exactly

Maltodextrin 165
Oat Flour 110
Brown Rice Protein Isolate 102
Canola Oil 56
Fish Oil 6.4
Soy Lecithin 6
Gum Arabic 4.5
Vanillin 1.8
Sucralose 0.06

Potassium Gluconate 15.75
Sodium Chloride 2.1
Calcium Carbonate 2.5
Choline Bitartrate 1.375
Ascorbic Acid 0.09
Niacin 0.016
dl-Alpha-Tocopherol 0.015
Zinc Sulfate 0.0275
Calcium d-pantothenate 0.005
Manganese Sulfate 0.0064
Riboflavin 0.0013
Pyridoxine HCL 0.0013
Thiamin HCL 0.0012
Retinyl Palmitate 0.001636
Copper Gluconate 0.006429
Folic Acid 0.0004
Potassium Iodide 0.00015
Phytonadione 0.00012
Sodium Selenite 0.00012
Sodium Molybdate 0.000098
Chromium Chloride 0.000106
Biotin 0.00003
Ergocalciferol 0.000015
Cyanocobalamin 0.0000024
Chromium Chloride 0.000106
Biotin 0.00003
Ergocalciferol 0.000015
Cyanocobalamin 0.0000024


Why an A1c test? Are you suspected of being at risk of diabetes otherwise? Do you give blood? For your DIY, what was the B vitamin levels like?


I have similar symptoms, but on DIY soylent (people chow). I have not had bloodwork done, but I did buy a blood glucose monitor, and from what I can tell it appears that I start to go hypoglycemic about 1-2 hours after drinking around 1/2 of a serving. I don’t seem to get these symptoms on normal food, so I too suspect that it’s something w/ carb absorption.


The doc specializes in diabetes among a couple other specialties, he has a machine in his office that tests blood glucose levels and A1c levels. The nurse told me he does that test on all patients and I’m pretty sure it’s to just milk the insurance company for extra cash. Vitamin B is within normal range.


From WebMD:

Patients with diseases affecting hemoglobin such as anemia may get abnormal results with this test. Other abnormalities that can affect the results of the hemoglobin A1c include supplements such as vitamins C and E and high cholesterol levels. Kidney disease and liver disease may also affect the result of the hemoglobin A1c test.

You also might want to look at the sodium threads as some of the symptoms read similar to what your are experiencing. Was anything else out of normal on your bloodwork?


Okay this frightens me a little. I’m going to schedule some blood work (sooner than I had planned) just to put my mind at ease.


Urinalyses, Hepatic function panel (7),CBC, Platelet, Lipid panel, cholesterol all normal.


Ok I’m not sure how to respond to this exactly. I am pretty sure you don’t get diabetes from eating sugar or carbs. There are underlying factors that may be at work. Honestly I would get a second opinion.


Could you give more details about your diet and consumption patterns?


Maybe you’re just genetically pre disposed to get diabetes, happens all the time. I’ve met a couple very healthy people with it.


90% DIY soylent for the past 12 months, bulk of that time being and still on QuidNYC’s Superfood for Him. Like I said all previous tests were normal. I have it at 7am for breakfast, 12 for lunch, around 6:30pm for dinner. 1 or 2 social lunches or dinners per week. Same with Soylent.


The A1c test gauges blood sugar levels over the past 4 months or so. If he was on 90% DIY soylent for a year, had a baseline test that was normal, then switched to official Soylent, then had another test that was elevated, it does tend to suggest the Soylent elevated it. Too much coincidence to say he “just got it” 2 months after he started official Soylent.

What I’m interested in @ElCarnicero , you are right on the borderline for a high result vs. a normal one, and I’m very curious what your A1c result was at your last test ~ 2 months ago. If you were 5.6 then vs. 5.7 now, it is much less significant of a change.


There’s a lot of things besides diabetes that can cause elevated A1c levels (glycated Hemoglobin) as well. If your hemoglobin life cycle changed it could through the test off as well. On Soylent you’re getting less than half of the B12, folate, and iron you were getting on QuidNYC’s Superfood. I wouldn’t expect this to make a big difference, but it could nudge it a bit.

But being a hobbyist at all this stuff, and not knowing the rest of your medical history.I think the second opinion is the way to go if you’re worried about it.

Also, for the lightheadedness, definitely check out the salt threads.


did I miss a link or something?

what was your baseline hemoglobin a1c?


Just in case this has been missed I’m tagging @rob and @JulioMiles, they may need to investigate further.