Soylent is going retail?!

Soylent is looking for someone to help take us from an e-commerce only business into US brick-and-mortar.


That would be great, I’ve been away from my house for work for a month and have run out of soylent, would be great if I could run to a store and grab another week’s worth.

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This might give a whole new meaning to the term “Soylent bars”!

Or maybe they mean Soylent in grocery stores/supermarkets. Who knows?


“… previous relationships with some of our short term target customers and channels is nice have: C-store (7-Eleven, other) and mass (Target, WalMart)”    


Looks like they have several types of positions open at the moment, for anyone with interest (+ the necessary skills):


I wonder if Rose Labs is going to do an IPO?

Many investors would like to buy stock to invest in the idea of an efficient complete meal replacement. For decades I’ve been hoping for a company to produce foods that are efficient, healthy to eat yet convenient and ready to eat. Currently I think Weight Watchers, Oprah Winfrey and Kraft-Heinz are to produce a “Mealtime Stories” line of refrigerated foods that is to be real food that is nutritious and ready to eat. But if I invest in Weight Watchers (WTW)) or Kraft-Heinz (KHC) most of the money is invested in the usual food giants’ products that often require cooking, require waiting, not completely nutritious, make people get uncontrollable hunger or are not very environmentally friendly / sustainable. Rosa Labs has an idea that few others have, but I don’t know of any way to invest in the idea.

The sales of Rosa Lab’s stock to investors would help Rosa Labs get funds needed to promote the products and earn a place on the store shelves. The Soylent bars, powders and drinks together side-by-side may be easily visible on the store shelf even if it ends up on the bottom shelf or near the corner in the expensive competition with junk food giants for the best shelf space. Having individual Soylent Bars at the store checkout would stand out and compete with the M&M’s, Doritos and candy bars. Many customers looking for a snack food that is a 100 percent meal replacement would probably ask the store for the Rosa Labs products to be made available and findable at the store. The Rosa Labs products brand would promote it’s self, therefore be successful for Rosa Labs and anyone who can invest in the company and anyone who eats food.

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(FYI - Its Rosa Foods now.)