Soylent is here, starter kit isn't, do I need it?


So my Soylent arrived Friday (woohoo!) but it seems like Fedex is having a little more trouble getting my starter kit to me. Tracking shows it moved from Stockton, CA to Sacramento, CA on the 9th, and there is has stayed. My Soylent shipped three days later but is already here, so I think Fed Ex may have temporarily misplaced the first package. I can wait for it, but I’m wondering, how much do I need the airtight pitcher? Does Soylent go bad faster if I just use a normal pitcher? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I know next to nothing about food preparation.


I don’t use the kit at all, I measure out equal parts soylent and water and blend them or shake them in a plastic container.


An airtight pitcher is good for shaking, but I got Soylent before I got an airtight pitcher. I had a large pancake-batter pitcher, so I mixed Soylent and enough water to make two liters, and used a whisk to mix them, and it was just fine. My pitcher did have a lid, and I’d want a lid on any liquid I left in the fridge, really–I’d put a plate or something over a lidless container.

As always I’ll mention that I really like the hermetically-sealed glass Frigoverre two-liter pitcher I bought later for Soylent use. Glass! Sturdy! Fits on the shelf! Totally shakeable! Pretty cheap! I have a couple.


I don’t care about the starter kit myself. I have a blender that accepts a 2 litre load that I intend to use. The product will be poured into three or four Blender bottles. I might find a use for the pitcher. The measuring cup will just end up in my kitchen odds and sods drawer which has lots of other measuring cups.



Yeah, I kinda wish we had the option to pass on the starter kit. Seems wasteful if you’re not going to use it.


Good, sounds like I can go ahead and get started. I had wondered because when I made my very poor attempt at DIY months ago, any of it that didn’t get eaten the same day would crust over just a little…kind of gross. I don’t know that an air-tight pitcher would have slowed that down any or not though, it might of just been my lousy recipe. @asympt, I’ll definitely give the Frigoverre a look if I end up staying on Soylent full time for a while.


I have four of the pitchers and do not use the scoop.

The pitchers really are awesome for Soylent or anything else.


Looks like FedEx lost the package or something, we’ll get another one shipped out tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience, @JerryH!


Thanks Julio! Since I had planned to wait a little while before asking for this, I really appreciate your proactiveness! Especially since this was a mess up by Fedex and not RL