Soylent is hiring in Los Angeles area!

Continuing the discussion from Update Email from Soylent Regarding New Funding:

Glad to see they are hiring for a customer care specialist! :sunny:

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I have tons of customer service experience yet they didn’t so much as answer my application. Not even a courtesy or a form response. Maybe they didn’t understand that my address is in Los Angeles. Or maybe they considered me overqualified, which I am. I suspect that their current disorganization extends into hiring.

Ha! "Exercise care and compassion in dealing with upset and frustrated customers."
As one of those recent “upset and frustrated customers,” I could’ve done with about 10% more care and compassion and 90% more efficiency. I hope they are able to build a good team…

I wouldn’t have hired anyone from here. Ungrateful lot!

haha Customer service is pretty thankless. I sometimes wonder if I’m insane, doing it for free, online! (I think it’s the fact that I can do it naked & drunk)