Soylent: Is it people?


I figured this must be a Frequently Asked Question, but I didn’t see the answer in the FAQ.


It might not have made the FAQ, but you can choose from pre-prepared answers:







must every person on the planet ask this question? it got old after the first 500 people asked, i bet rob gets so tired of hearing this, and i bet he has to take pills to keep from going insane from it


How about we keep it simple:



It’s fine, they strain most of the Bones out.



On the other hand, how many of those people making the expectant joke think they are being original? :wink:


Yes its just like in the movie, cool eh! Want to try some?


At this point I just say “Yes, of course.” I try to look annoyed when I say this (because I generally am a little annoyed by the question) and then I ignore the person. This last part is also easy.


Soylent is Rob Rhinehart’s answer to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, obviously.


Aww… I didn’t make the cut. :disappointed:


It’s like the cannibals who boiled the Franciscan in the stewpot and ate him. They didn’t know that he was a friar.




Ohhhh does this mean he’ll be shopping out new gloves as like a customer appreciation gift? Its starting to get wintry here and I would love a pair of nice smooth gloves!


I feel so special. My comeback was featured,