Soylent is like sex #showerthoughts


Or, more specifically it allows me to enjoy food in the same way I can enjoy sex. Eating regular food no longer serves a biological function. I just do it for fun once in a while.


Ahh. Such is life for today’s busy technomad.


I enjoy sex much more than eating.


Sex actually serves biological functions… you know that right? (And I don’t mean just getting pregnant.)


Don’t think I didn’t see that edit.




This is the answer to earlier questions about why there is so much intense hostility toward Soylent.

Old religious texts that many still take seriously are primarily concerned with telling you what to do with your bathroom places and what not to eat. These are some of the most important pleasures in life and how to enjoy yourself without guilt is the core of ethics.

Many people have not fully cleansed their thought process of the vision of a flying spaghetti monster watching you eat, couple or get high and disapproving of how you do one or all three and preparing some kind of mysterious and unpredictable dire punishment for disobedience.

To me, I like sex, and I believe the Spaghetti Monster made me to enjoy it, but 3 times a day every single day at regular intervals would not lead to more enjoyment of it, but less. This is why I expect Soylent to be a great thing for my enjoyment of food.


Anthony Bourdain’s memoir has a chapter called “Food is Sex”, dealing with this issue artfully, but watch the sitcom with Bradley Cooper for a really great graphic demonstration of how sexy food is.


Hey, no Monday-morning-quarter-backing of shower thoughts.
Probably a good argument for not posting shower thoughts on a public forum though. :smile: Maybe soylent is more like birth control rather than sex.

But I really do feel differently toward food now. I often just order deserts or appetizers when I go out to eat. Or I’ll just have a couple of beers and enjoy the company because I drank my dinner on the way to the restaurant. It’s just awesome.