Soylent is nearing 500k


What’s the big surprise guys? Or is it a surprise-surprise?


Just wait. If they were about to tell us before reaching $500k, they would have already done it. :wink:

Best guess so far is that Soylent will be customizable from the first reward batch.


Shirts. Shirts for EVERYONE.


I’d rather have Soylent. Soylent for everyone.


I was hoping that the big surprise would be that they’d ship sooner than August!! :smiley:


Sooner than August would be nice :smile: I could get away from the DIY I am doing right now.


Shaker for every pre-order… What were we expecting anyway?



While there be shakers for us internationals who will get their orders later?


Nice enough, especially a metal one (not plastic), and free! :smiley:


I’m not saying it’s not nice. The thing is that it’s awfully ordinary.


Not if they make it a limited edition.

@Julio_Miles , will the shaker be available in preorders only and then not anymore, or can it be bought afterwards too?

(This is a suggestion! :P)


How many ounces does it hold??


Email Recieved this afternoon:

Soylent Supporters,

It’s been an incredible last few weeks for the Soylent team, and we want to extend our gratitude to all of you for our fundraising success! We’re close to a big milestone: $500,000 – and we’re confident that with your help sharing our campaign with your friends, followers, and family, we’ll reach it. Once we have, we’ll be shipping limited-edition, stainless-steel, portable Soylent blender bottles to those of you who preordered Soylent, and are developing other awesome swag for our t-shirt and $5 supporters! Learn more about the sweet blender bottles at

In other news, the team is hard at work organizing the production for the first batch of Soylent, and we’re possibly more excited than you guys are for our August ship date. Updated will be forthcoming regarding this process, there are a lot of exciting milestones we’ll want to share with you:

  • Final ingredients list
  • Complete nutritional breakdown
  • Packaging details
  • Progress on additional blends
  • Possible different flavors??

As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments – we love hearing from our supporters. Email, tweet @soylent, or comment on (and like us while you’re at it!)

We cannot thank you enough for your support.

-The Soylent Team

The wording of it is ambiguous in that it could be construed that they are shipping the mixer bottles early and separately.

The use of “Limited Edition” makes it sound like its only going to people who “order” soylent now (and maybe even only those who chipped in before 500k).