Soylent is not for children

not chewing enough while growing up can lead to jaw deformities

It was never meant for children.


That being said, Soylent is so much better than what my wife feeds our daughter. I would be much happier feeding my daughter Soylent and having her chew gum if you need it. :slight_smile:


I chew plain Falim gum after every meal. It’s not for everybody, but I love it! Falim Sugar-Free Chewing Gum! No sugar, No artificial sweeteners


A lot of children are on very unhealthy diets. If a parent wants to feed their child Soylent, who cares? It’s their money and their child. With the options of making cookies and cakes out of it, plus the many snacks that most children eat regularly, I don’t see a problem and that’s my personal and professional opinion.


I never quite understood the fear around soylent for kids. Babies commonly consume formula as their sole food source and have been doing so for ages.

I get Rosa Labs et al wanting to shy away from it for liability reasons, but pragmatically/scientifically, it sure looks like a superior option to what most kids get.

IMHO, a soylent-type product should really be offered as an option in school cafeterias (especially flavored, like a ‘chocolate milk’ tasting version) as a likely nutritionally superior option to what the kids are getting now. My efforts to try to pitch this to the school my kids go to haven’t gone well yet, though.

Hopefully one day we’ll look back on this and wonder what took us so long to switch over.


did you read the article? babies are not children. not chewing can lead to jaw deformities.

and kids can chew gum. IMHO, the title would have been better as ‘liquid diets are not for children’, and it’s easily fixed with gum anyway. There have been studies showing mental problems with not chewing in adults as well, so I chew gum to guard against that, and since I like chewing gum. :smile:

There are also existing solid forms of soylent (MealSquares, for instance), and Rosa Labs (among others) is working on a bar as well.

Even if limited to liquid Soylent, it’s an issue only for Soylent-exclusive diets. Kids having a smoothie are suffering the same not-chewing effects, so “Smoothies are not for children” would be equally valid.

Kids having Soylent as their lunch-time meal at school still seems fine to me, even ignoring the easy fix of gum. Kids need to chew stuff to guard against jaw issues, cool.


So this thread is titled “Soylent is not for children” and the article talks about children not babies. Also, babies drink milk and formula, not chew it. Pretty sure that we aren’t confused about the topic. Perhaps a different title or an article on babies would have been more sufficient if it was intended to be about babies.

On that note, what a mother and pediatrician decide is also their choice. That is a topic I believe should be left to women who fall within the category of pregnancy or postpartum, not the general masses.


True, in retrospect I should have skipped the formula comment. It was meant more to show powdered food for kids isn’t a new (or bad) idea, not to relate to the chewing bit. :slightly_smiling:

I just tend to have a negative reaction to anything I perceive as fear-mongering WRT Soylent for kids, as it’s far healthier than what many, maybe even most, American kids have in their diets. Given the rates of obesity and diabetes among American kids, adding Soylent-type food into their diets is likely to improve things, IMHO.

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