Soylent is now available at a Walmart near you


Just got this email!
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(is at my Walmart down the road!)

Soylent Bag Design

This is highly significant news; it means that Soylent has established a solid (U.S.) retail base ahead of any possible competitor. Anyone else wanting to sell an RTD product (like the one JJ is beta-testing) will be limited for a long time to online sales only, a big disadvantage.

Something not crystal clear from the announcement: will WalMart carry the powders? Unlike 7-11 and similar convenience stores, WalMarts have enough shelf space that might be possible.

Strangely, according to the store finder page, the big WalMart near me (Mountain View, CA) is NOT listed as a source, although at least 10 7-11s in my area are.


that’s amazing news! thanks for sharing! it is indeed extremely good. and by the way, I also have quite a big WalMart near me (also in CA, San Jose) and it is not listed a source so far.


Also means we sell well enough for them to take a chance on us :slight_smile:


Price? …


I am off work in 2.5 hours ,I drive by Walmart on the way home, will get some and take a pic of the location and pricing :smiley:


Where in the store will it be? Up front in the impulse buy section?


They’re showing everything as ‘out of stock’, or ‘no longer available’.

@Conor, When do sales go live with Wal-Mart?


Got home late last night, sorry no post . Walked the whole grocery section, no Soylent, stopped a employee, they had not heard of Soylent. Over to the pharmacy area of muscle milk. nope. Ensure area, nope. Went to customer service, they had no idea either.
So the Walmart that is listed on store locations does not have it. Sigh



If they are on the locator they have the product in their back. However they have a window in which to stock the product (2 weeks). So some stores may opt to stock towards the end of that period in order top move more stock of products currently occupying space we will take.


thanks, any thought on where it will be located in store?


Back stock room, when it’s stocked it should be Juice isle, next to muscle milk, grab and go proteins that are not refrigerated.


i saw on walmarts website that they are selling powdered soylent also, at $20 a bag, sheesh


They don’t sell our Powder, no retailer carries it. What you are seeing is a reseller. Ourpuches are designed Retailers will carry tubs.



That is a reseller. Walmarts online site functions like amazon. Walmart is not selling everything. Amazon and walmart will only officially sell tubs. Our pouches are for only. Additionally given how the packaging is designed we legally can’t just sell single pouches.

Note how much of the description is also out of date.

The seller is titled: warehouse direct


Will they ever start carrying the powdered version?


Soylent tubs (aka big plastic jar) are sized and priced to sit alongside the similar offerings of protein shake makers.


I see Coffiest, Vanilla, and Cocao on the list. Why no Chai? @Conor