Soylent is now available at a Walmart near you


Not sue, thats an entirely different market when it comes to retail. If they did it would only in tub format.


Yes, because we can’t under cut retailers price wise.


They may request it, but retailers request only certain SKU’s from us in the negotiating process. This is based of sales figures we give them along with numbers they see from similar’ish products. In this instance, they may have had poor performance with other chai drinks so they opted to wait and see how these perform as they are coffee and chocolate products, which tend to be easier consumer sells.


I’m curious, at what point of market penetration will distributors be able to start competing on price? Assuming that’s the enabling factor, of course. Also, any plans to stock cases in stores? I see in-store pickup at Walmart with short-ish delivery times, which is nice.


Finally found them at Walmart! Same isle as soda and like Conor advised its in the same section as muscle milk . 3.48 a bottle


Was your Walmart listed on Soylent store finder?


Any store that accept shipments from us is on the store finder.


yep. I have 2 in my area .both 10 mins away from me.



Same result here. Only cacao in stock. And it’s next to the alternative milks on the baking aisle, not the juice aisle or with the breakfast drinks.


that is so cool! sadly, I dind’t find any soylent in my Walmart :frowning: but it is in my Hyvee in the bottles!