Soylent is Proudly PRO-GMO


Are you saying the FDA and other regulating authorities are not being sufficiently cautious?


Because the Soylent article is talking about the use of GMOs not herbicides. If you read what they say they mention the very thing you’ve been ranting about.


I have not been ranting solely about pesticides or herbicides - (nor have I mentioned the FDA). I brought up Soylent the company by taking a “proudly pro gmo” has positioned themselves with an extreme (aka one sided) view in general and for a nutrition company, one that I have tried to show ignores the complexity ( or at least balance) of the issue. I go with the science of 19 European countries and their scientists, the WHO and others (NEJM piece, …) who use their scientific evidence to support a different cautionary scientific approach refered to as the GMO Precautionary Principle ( Worse for me, is I am going after Soylent’s “proudly pro gmo” post for total filtering out the conflicting science - would you have assumed that European scientists do not agree with American scientists about the guaranteed safety of GMOs from Soylent’s post - no, they left it out. I leave you with another general “are we moving into GMOs via corporate greed haphazard editing to get patents now” to quickly article on the debate ( it is a scientific debate) as said well in this 2013 scientific american article:


The FDA has been closely researching GMOs for decades. There comes a point, maybe 15 years, maybe 50 years, when we can say pretty confidently that something is safe. And cheaper simultaneously, which GMOs happen to be. I wish we could organic farm the world but there’s not enough viable crop land for that. There’s probably nowhere near enough water, unless we steal it from other industries, which we won’t. I know you’re worried but maybe verging on paranoia no? Has anyone gotten cancer or even shown signs of insulin/hormone/immune system influence? I haven’t seen a single peer reviewed article even suggesting that


It’s been the main topic of the links you have posted and the main subject of your posts on this thread so far.


The primary reasons that most countries (including in the EU) ban American GMO products have to do with protectionism in the trade sense. “GMO” is sometimes used as the pretext, but in reality, they’re protecting local producers from less expensive American product.


Actually, I disagree here (having done organic gardening for years.)

Organic farming can be very productive per unit of land… and can, in fact, increase the amount of productive land! But it’s very labor-intensive, and many of the most productive organic farming methods don’t apply well to large-scale farming.

  • If you leave enough space between rows for mechanical tillage, you waste a lot of space.
  • If you plant closer, there’s no wasted space, but you can often only get in to manage weeds two ways: manually, or herbicide.

How much will the crop cost if you have the whole field hand-weeded every week? But if you don’t do anything, your yield will go way down. You either produce less, or your costs skyrocket.

Clever organic farmers sometimes plant partner crops together, in pairs that help each other, crowd out weeds, etc… but these usually yield at different times, and mechanical picking of one crop will destroy the other. Even manual harvest often has to be very careful, and will be less efficient than a sole crop would be. Again, may work for a small-scale, labor-intensive farm or a home garden, but not so well at the scale that feeds the country and the world.

I know some places claim that organic farming can be so productive, and chemicals so costly, that organic can produce food at a lower price to the farmer. Sadly, this just doesn’t bear out in reality. If it did, farmers all over the country would be doing it for the cost savings - to make more profit on the food they produce. But they don’t, because it simply isn’t true, unless you can hire enormous amounts of additional labor at prices even lower than immigrant temporary workers.


I did not bring up the FDA. Actually I am saying some regulators are being specifically cautious - the World Health Org (WHO - who suggests caution with GMOs), the EU with their major precautionary, case be case GMO policy, the regulatory bodies of Austria, Belgium, Britain for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia – they are all being cautious - the US’s FDA, less so and conveniently the Soylent “proudly pro GMO post” left out one obvious side of this “isn’t it best to know what we are doing first” precautionary principal debate. I see Soylent as an international product/solution - so it is bigger than one countries FDA.

Again, I support ( as we all do here) what Soylent is trying to do with the world and nutrition. Which is why am so upset and “snarky” - that they went for this over the top, we understand science better than the best scientists of all this countries proclamation. We can say we know for a fact how great GMOs are. I have defended Soylent ( and my extensive use of it) to my peers … but it is processed they say , … and such - where always was able to respond, no these guys think about nutrition and biology all the time - they know what they are doing. Well I feel embarrassed now.


We have always been Pro-GMO. Our stance has never changed in this regard. We only recently gotten large enough for our blog to get more active. You can expect a wide variety of content from us including more from our VP of research. We have a article on processed foods also in the works.


I actually had the chance to visit Germany and Latvia this year and over half the countries listed here have imposed a blanket ban on ALL GMOs. That isn’t “case by case”. The FDA is case by case, considering the several crops they’ve given the stamp of approval for. Among those european countries, Austria truly had the most strict legislation.


So with the stroke of your pen you erased any credibility you had and stepped out from the shadows as Monsanto’s little pet dog? I started to drink Soylent because of environmental concerns, simple as that. I was proud of that my main food source had not resulted in killing animals and because I thought Soylent’s philosophy was to thread carefully on this vulnerable planet. I admit I had sometimes thought “Where is all this soy protein coming from?” but never asked the question because I just find it unbelievable that you - what I thought were the good guys - would ally yourself with the most evil company on this planet. I now feel fooled and realize you are just as any greedy capitalistic company that would gladly put in any crap in your products as long as you can get rick. The issue is not only GMOs but the methods Monsanto is using to erase genetic diversity and make poor farmers dependent on buying their crops only from them. Do you understand how many farmers could be supported to survive, despite the Monsanto-Godzilla is trying to cut their lifeline, if you bought your soy from them instead of from Evil INC? I am very disappointed and I ask you to reconsider this. Do you really want Soylent to be associated with MONSANTO?


If I buy a food made with a GMO does that make me in league with Monsanto? Heck no. Then why is it different for Soylent? It’s not.


I think you need to check in on which company calls the shots regarding GMO soy and other crops. And yes, when you buy GMO products over crops that exists naturally (not created in a lab) you are participating in reducing the genetic diversity and possibly jeopardizing your health. To compare GMOs created in labs with putting the biggest potatoes aside to use them as “seed potatoes” for the next year’s crop is to trivialize this big decision for humanity. The presence of mafioso-like companies like Monsanto is not making this decision easier. To use “FDA” as some kind of guarantee that GMOs are safe is ridiculous. FDA is a pushover for the meat lobby and Monsanto etc. For FDA big money talks, not reasonable caution.


MentalNomad, I think you are quoting the whining of the American companies that are not able to sell things in Europe (and lets not discuss what the USA, as every country, does to sustain protectionism). Instead, my point is that I don’t think Americans understand how low the standards are in this country compared to others in regards to food. In many European countries you will have the phone number and address to the farmer who produced the meat or the vegetables. If you don’t like his/her product or want to ask them how it was produced you can actually make a phone call. USA is welcome to sell their products in Europe but they must like everyone else abide with the laws and put on labels for at least country of origin. The USA representatives think this is unfair - and probably it is - and therefore refuses to enter the European market under those premises. No one would buy American products once they see where it is from. I work in the medical field and the one of the jokes among European GPs was that if the patient want antibiotics send them to the grocery store to buy American meat. So again, I wouldn’t bow my head in awe over that the God almighty FDA has approved of GMOs. The standards here are just ridiculously low and its in your best interest to be careful.


You should have been more open from the beginning that you are not this health conscious company you portrayed yourself to be. You have fooled your customers. No health conscious company would use GMOs. You are now in the same company category as McDonalds and Lay’s. I have bought your products for years, thinking it was a healthy choice. It turns out that you are not. I want my money back and all my cells cleaned up from GMOs.


Seriously you didn’t know Soylent was made with GMOs till today? They haven’t exactly been hiding that fact all this time.

Exactly how are GMOs unhealthy?


I am not a scientist doing research on GMOs and never said I did so I can’t answer your question as you seem to expect me to do - in a yes or a no manner. I point out what others already done that we need to be cautious about MGOs and if you care about your customers health more than McDonalds you should refrain from using it. We once thought DDT, atomic bombs, and fried food were safe. Can you point me in the direction of a company who has your original business idea but is having their customers health as a concern? I like your concept a lot until today and has been quite a marketer for you over the years, which I of course will not do anymore. Instead I must point out to people I care about that you are now pro-GMO (and proudly so).


Well our goal is to move alway from Soy and onto Algae.


We have always been open. We even took out billboards last year that proclaimed that we are “Pro-GMO”.


So you think GMOs are unhealthy but you can’t or won’t explain why you think this?

If you think it’s because of the pesticides all crops even organic crops use pesticides.