Soylent is Returning to Canada!

Just got this incredible email. I’m PUMPED. :heart_eyes: It’ll probably be quite a while yet, but - yaaaas!!


I’ve been checking this site literally every day since Soylent was pulled from the Canadian market. I never lost hope. This is great news! I haven’t gotten this e-mail but will be on the lookout for it.


I didn’t get the email (yet, anyway) but I saw this on Reddit.

Checked my Soylent Customer Portal and I see my account is gone. I’m curious what happens next, for those of us who are(were?) long-term customers. Personally, I was buying Soylent since the oil bottle days, haha! Hoping that counts for something!

What a glorious day for Canada and, therefore, the world.

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I don’t flippin believe it…

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Didn’t the site require a password reset or something a while back? I remember that since doing that my order history disappeared. But this was after Soylent was yanked from Canada. My subscription was at an earlier lower price that was grandfathered in, so I was wondering if that would change after Soylent came back.


I got the email too. If anyone is using Gmail and didn’t see it, search your inbox for “Soylent”. It was buried in my Promotions folder.

When I try to reset my password on, I get: “No account found with that email.” Even though it’s the same email address the update email was sent to. I’m guessing Canadian accounts are still deactivated for now.

This is a day I’ve hoped would come for a long time. I think my health and my daily life is going to improve once I go on Soylent again. I’m curious to see how Formula v1.9 tastes. I used to have to blend bananas in with the powder; I wonder if I could drink it plain now. I loved the bottled Soylent drinks. Maybe I’ll get back into those. Is there still a big difference between the taste of the powder and the bottles?

Thank you, Soylent, for coming back. I can’t wait to start drinking Soylent again.

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I want this to be real but I didn’t get an email.

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I had v1.8 and gagged it down. I’m hopeful I’ll like the v1.9 better (though would it be v1.9C where Canada has strict criteria for nutrition? Maybe we’ll have our own iteration?), or at least the cocoa powder. I didn’t get to try the pre-made drinks, but I’m hopeful. I am SUPER hopeful that the just-announced mint chocolate drink makes it here, too. :wink:

Man do I ever wish they’d come out with a lower carb blend, though. My PCOS/waistline does not approve of the current macro layout. :grimacing:

Do you have gmail? Try searching for “soylent”. Mine was stashed away in the spam folder for some reason. I just happened to get a glance in passing - stopped dead in my tracks haha.

Yep, same here. No promo email from Soylent to be found anywhere, though.

Nope, it’s a personal server without spam filtering that works like that.

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Interested if it’s a reformulation to meet the Meal Replacement requirements or if they got an exemption like they were originally pushing for With the CFIA.

If it’s a reformulation with higher sugar content and lower vitamin content, I’ll probably skip out on their relaunch since it literally defeats the whole point of soylent.

If they got whitelisted for an exemption and are relaunching the same product, I can’t wait to get back on board!

Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

I’m curious as well. The survey didn’t mention any “version” or anything Canada-specific so I’m hopeful it went the exemption route. I am not a big fan of the carb ratio as it is, so a higher sugar ratio would definitely turn me off as well.

I’m thinking it’s an exemption, due to how long it took + what miluti ^ said.

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The original reasons were only speculated on, but the calories-from-fat is an important restriction for “meal replacements”.

Simply re-branding would have solved that. The Canadian version doesn’t need to replace meals, and maybe just being called food would have been the answer.

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It doesn’t look like its a TMAL, at least not one thats been granted yet. They are published at

This link


That classification was done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Rosa Foods told us at the time that the CFIA’s decisions are final.

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Got the email, survey is now closed though.

thanks for the link.

Still wondering how they have surpassed it though. Anyone thinking they have reformulated Soylent?

I’m guessing since the survey asks which products users would preferably see available in Canada, maybe they need to make minor changes and will only modify a few “favourites” to begin with. Or… maybe the exemption process will be a slow case-by-case affair and they want to know which products to apply for first.

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