Soylent is Returning to Canada!

Thats kind of my train of thought: either changing the branding for their Canadian production (ie: changing from “meal replacement” to “food replacement” (maybe even complete protein powder/drink?!) or similar, oooor they are having to actually change the formulation to fit CFIA specifications (I’m assuming they want to start off with the most desired products in order to get sales going at a higher rate).

Also got the email, but no updates after that and it’s been 3 weeks. Would be nice to know the approximate timeline. Still, it’s great news and I hope they bring back the powder, not just the bottled drinks!

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I would hope for both too, but it will depend if they have to reformulate it.

Reformulating requires a bunch of money, planning, suppliers, manufactory. It is much easier to do with the powder than with the RTD. So in theory if they had to; I would expect so see the powder available.

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Since we transitioned to a new site old accounts are no longer available. Regarding pricing, we’re starting from scratch and no one will be grandfathered in.


Ah, thanks for the confirmation on that. I look forward to Soylent’s return to Canada.

Seeing a community member response on this is very encouraging. I haven’t gotten any emails like this, but since I lived near the border, I wound up having it shipped to me via a service, and so I long ago re-registered my account. I wonder if there is any way of getting added into this survey? As a Canadian who has still been consuming Soylent 2.0 regularly the past couple of years as a majority of my intake, my input may be of some value.


Predator mentioned above that the survey had closed when they tried to do it. :frowning:

Yeah, I figured posting this way, they could at least reach out in case they still wanted feedback, given my experience.
I’m really excited regardless, Soylent really has been a catalyst for positive change in how I approach and view food, health, and life in general. Having better access to it will be wonderful, as I have recently moved farther away from the border.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for commenting here, and especially for coming back to Canuckistan. I miss Soylent so much.