Soylent IS shipping!


Hi all, my co-founder just forwarded me an email he receives about 35 minutes ago that came from Rosa Labs stating that his Soylent has shipped. Sure enough, it had a link to his tracking number (3 boxes) that are scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

He ordered his Soylent on the first day of the campaign about 2 hours before I did (I think he was in the first few orders). He also received his backer kit the day before I received mine, so I’m expecting (hoping) that my Soylent will be right behind his.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that it seems they are shipping at least some orders!

EDIT: We both ordered 1-month supplies.

Soylent Update 5/1

Any idea why he would be getting 3 boxes if he only ordered 1 month? Seems unusual, especially if his starter kit came already. Add ons maybe?


Same here! Just got the e-mail with a tracking number!

The end of the tunnel approaches!

I ordered one month on the first day, then added two additional months back in February via Backerkit. All three months are regular shipments WITH oil.

Three separate tracking numbers. Shipped today, estimated delivery this Thursday to Bothell (just outside Seattle), WA. I had also received my starter kit nearly three weeks ago.

Edit - I should note that I also paid for two additional month supplies as gifts. One is being shipped to my parents in Florida, the other to my girlfriend in Phoenix (under her e-mail address). I’m not sure if the combined total spent on my card has any influence in my being among the first, but it may.


Still nothing for me yet, 3/mo/oil/original backer/have starter kit


In a really odd way, the madness of Soylent Shipping has made me dislike certain forum members out of jealousy lol.


So more 1-month orders are shipping also. I’m still waiting on my 4 month order… @JulioMiles, did my order get cancelled? Did it fall through the cracks? I emailed with that concern, but have received no response.


My “1 month supply” was in 4 boxes strapped together, each with 7 pouches inside. So getting 3 boxes for a 1 month, seems very odd no matter how you slice it.


Jealous, and a little confused. Original day 1 backer, initially ordered 4 weeks, but added 4 more and extra pitchers for family and friends I will be sharing with. Haven’t heard anything from Rosa Labs about shipping and FedEx shows nothing for my address yet.

Curious if this is one of the beta testers, personal friend of a founder, or employee of a company they’re trying to do business with, as it’s been stated that those are getting priority over original backers.


It seems a little off given he is getting three boxes instead of the one box you would expect for a one month order. Maybe his coworker upped his order to three months along the way and @travis didn’t know it.


Speaking for myself, I’m not a beta tester or friend of the founders. I’m just a regular schmuck, and can’t offer much in the way of explanation for why I am higher up in line than anyone else. I’m sorry, I feel the pain. Really.

The tracking numbers do indicate that the product has been picked up. If it’s any consolation to you, this is clear proof that Soylent with oil IS going out the door to regular people. Let’s all breathe a little easier with this small affirmation. :slight_smile:


I’m picturing whoever admins their tracking system, wondering why the hell this one tracking link is getting hit 600 times in one day from 250 different IP addresses all around the world…


I live in Seattle; any chance I could buy a day off of you when your shipment arrives? :wink:


I’m on the 3month orders too, hopefully this means the wait isn’t too far away. :expressionless:


Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Oh wait, this isn’t even my order!

Thanks for the update. Glad to know “regular” orders are finally going out. :slight_smile:

Mind updating the tracker on the DIY site?

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First day backer (had been following Rob’s endeavors for some time before the crowdfunding campaign). Ordered one month on the first day, two additional months through backerkit. Haven’t even gotten notice that my starter kit has shipped.

It’s clear now that the sequence we were promised that things would ship is not the case. I would have been fine with that had we not been promised that sequence.


Ok all, I don’t know if it’s three boxes or one. There were three tracking numbers, so I assumed it was three boxes. I’m not sure why there would be more than one tracking number per box.

For the record, he did not order more than the 1-month supply and neither of us know anyone at Rosa Labs or would be anyone they would want to do business with in the future. For the hearing impaired: there is no special treatment being given here!

I hope that clears up all the questions here.


I received an e-mail today from FedEx. A shipment sent from SanDiego CA but it didn’t have any other information as to what it was. It weighed .5 pounds…could this be my Soylent Starter Kit or my soylent kit itself or is this my Zulily order? I so hope it is my Soylent.


Way too light to be Soylent. One pouch weighs a pound…


Interesting that it’s 3 different tracking numbers.
Each is listed for the total weight, as well.
Reference number and PO are all the same but it doesn’t appear to be several boxes under 1 master tacking number.
Master tracking numbers are the primary tracking number even though each package would have its own tracking number as well.

I’m kind of expecting either 1 box with 3 tracking labels on it or 3 complete orders stacked up by your door. ^^;

Keep us informed!


I wonder what their reasoning is this time for 1 month shipping out before larger orders.