Soylent IS shipping!


Somebody just received what looks like 11 weeks of Soylent.


So… what about the people who are receiving orders smaller than mine that aren’t in this category? It sure would be nice to have some semblance of an idea as to what is going on here…


I think its more likely that their shipment was12 weeks, and that one box is missing or obscured. That would fall in line with other 3 month backers who are just starting to receive their stuff.


My sentiment exactly. They’re really showing their appreciation for the earliest backers that actually made this whole thing a reality :frowning:


@wheresmysoylent Did you place your first order during May/June last year, or did you order after the original campaign?

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FWIW: It wasn’t a “kickstarter”. Kickstarter is a specific crowdsourcing platform. Earlier on there were indications that Soylent was trying to do a project through Kickstarter, but Kickstarter wouldn’t allow food-like products to use their platform. So the Soylent team went with a DIY crowdsourcing platform that they could self-host.


Holy cow! Each box is only a week?? I still didnt pick up on that until now…


Yep, I’d say to balance that very top box there would have to be three boxes on the third row and we just can’t see it.

Definitely looks like we are on the three months now which is great and aside from @wheresmysoylent I don’t think there has been any other smaller deliveries since that hasn’t been vegan/special conditions/re-order.

I’d say we’re in the May/3mo right now. I’m June/3mo and haven’t received anything yet.


Whoops. I was doing a lot of kickstarter stuff at the time. Anyway, my question still holds.


I don’t understand how they can still be on 3+ month orders. How many people actually ordered that much Soylent? Are we talking hundreds of people ordered 3 months? I’d really like to see a numberless distribution of order sizes. I’d take that over whatever vague non-guarantee I’m sure is in the works for tomorrows blog post (assuming we even get one).


I’m not sure it’s a case of ‘still on’ the three month orders, I think it’s a case of the ‘just started’ three month orders.

Definitely seems to be a clearer pattern emerging that:

Vegan (all sizes): Done
Special cases: Done
Oil large orders (4-12 months): Done
Oil 3 month: Starting going by initial order date.

And that’s where we are at now. Even if there were only 10x3 month orders that’s 120 weeks of Soylent, that starts chewing through the supply chain pretty quickly if they are having to deliver it all in one go and I don’t think it was just 10, it could have been 100 in which case we’re talking 1200 weeks of Soylent or 23 years.

Perhaps to streamline the fulfillment they could have just shipped the 1+ month orders the same as their subscription service so say I’d only get 1 month of my three month order and I’d already be ‘subscribed’ for another two months, I’d be completely okay with that, I don’t need three months of Soylent instantly.


Post your last paragraph in the new shipping thread. Good question and I would be on board.


I had the same idea recently. In hind site it makes sense. But, they probably didn’t know when the subscriptions service would be up and running or what form it would take.


I thought about posting it in there but I didn’t want to risk people getting all worked up (including me) about shipping again. I’ll pop it in there though.


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Folks; Just something to keep in mind. I received my order (today) and it contained three months. However, I actually PURCHASED five (two are gifts going to different addresses). I’m not sure if they’re using actual batch size or amount charged to a credit card when prioritizing these, but it may help to answer the question of “I ordered four months and that guy got his three before I got mine so WTF.”


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