Soylent is the realest


I’ve been trying out Soylent for the first time. I’m on Soylent 1.4 and I liked the texture/mouthfeel right away but didn’t like the default flavour – it tasted like what I imagine plain wheat tastes like. I tried mixing in peanut butter and honey (I know an apiarist) which was meh. I just blended 3 bananas into 1250 mL of Soylent and it tastes amazing. Not quite like a banana smoothie but like halfway there. So, right now, I am loving it! I am worried about eating like 4 bananas a day though. That can’t possibly be healthy, right?


You find the answer during a visit at the facilities. :wink:


4 bananas a day is probably a bit excessive. Too much potassium in your diet can lead to problems. But like HermanTheGerman said, your body will tell you if things are going poorly.


Too many bananas can give the ‘runs’ :slight_smile: but if you don’t, then it is fine.


What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit?

Ba na na na…:slight_smile:

Maybe try banana extract instead?


I use, among other things, Banana Cream flavor from LorAnn Oils. Nicely concentrated, and goes even better with a touch of orange oil than vanilla.


There are people eating/drinking 20-30 bananas a day (mostly distance cyclists and runners, like this dude with no ill effect. 4 is nothing to worry about.

To reach the lethal potassium dosage, one would have to eat 318 bananas in 30 seconds.
Overdosing is really only possible with major amounts of elemental (supplemental) potassium.


Lol, well dying from a banana overdose never even entered my mind. I was wondering whether eating 4 bananas a day would be bad for my diet.


Four bananas a day is not bad for your diet.

Enjoy! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:


The reply from Waltster prompted me to do some further reading. Excessive potassium in the diet is only really a problem if you have other underlying conditions such as diabetes, kidney issues, or excessive cellular trauma. So you should be good to go with 4 bananas a day if everything else is alright!


I am worried about eating like 4 bananas a day though. That can’t possibly be healthy, right?

You might be worrying too much. Do you not think humans throughout history have survived on much worse than Soylent plus four bananas a day?


For the first month or two I used 1 banana + 3-4 tbs peanut butter + 3-4 tbs sugar free chocolate syrup (splenda) in a blender it is if amazing. Something about pb + choco + banana that is just awesome. Every now and then I still mix up a bag that way, although for the past few months I’ve mostly be “doin’ it raw”. :wink: