Soylent Is The UFC Of Nutrition!


Anybody remember the original UFC where Royce Gracie turned martial arts on its head? No one could believe it. Everybody got to see first-hand what worked and what didn’t.

Soylent is about to do the same thing to the nutrition industry. For years, nutrition companies have been peddling products that no one could actually live off of. Even so-called meal replacements were woefully incomplete.

So, here comes Soylent bringing easy, efficient, complete nutrition for productive people…and it just so happens to be the beginning of solving the food question for the earth’s ever-growing population.

Soylent is the real deal. I saw @rob less than a year ago, looking for beta testers (Yeah, I tried to be one). It took Rorion Gracie two decades to turn the first UFC into a reality. In less than one year, we are close to a Soylent Revolution!

(@rob, Matt Cauble, @johncoogan, @Dteln, & @JulioMiles)

Five smart guys have been working their asses off to turn Soylent into a reality for us all. For me this is effing life changing. To the Rosa 5, thousands of us are with you, all the way. We’ll be right there with you when you ship that first case of Soylent, and we’ll be with you thousands of meals later.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to celebrating the easy, healthy future of nutrition with you all!


Proper brown nosing there


Very determined round of applause and handshakes all around.


Damn, I’ve been trolled on a Soylent site! But listen son, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. By the time I get my Soylent, I WILL be wearing the t-shirt. And before it’s all said and done, you might see me in a skirt with pom poms!