Soylent Jello? Gelatin + Soylent 1.5 + textures/flavors

My Dear Soylenauts,

Has anyone tried mixing prepared soylent 1.5 with gelatin–the kind you would use to put in a jello mold? My concept was to use a firm form of soylent to experiment with different textures and dare I say it, savory flavors. Maybe I just really want to put it in body part molds.

I’m not too blog savvy so if I’m making a replica thread please let me know! I haven’t started yet but want some feedback about the concept! Ideas?


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There’ve been a number of discussions and experiments with cooking with Soylent (which become slightly obsolete when a new version comes out), but I can’t recall anyone experimenting with gelatin molds.

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My sister and I were thinking of trying this a few weeks ago, but never got around to it. Let us know how it goes if you give it a shot!

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didnt try to prepapre it but i wanted rosa labs to prepare it :smile: …i said a few months back that one of the solid version of soylents could be made in jelly/jello form, if they have plans for solid versions.

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Worth a shot, just make small batches first.

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I was going to try that for the white jello in a layer mold but went with cool whip and sour cream because I expected Soylent settling would be a major asthetic problem. Soylent 2.0 may be another story. It’s possible that ready to drink will be designed to be more homogenous (will it say to shake well?). The thing about using pure gelatin like Knox is adding and wisking it into cold liquid, to prevent clumping, before adding hot liquid to dissolve it.

Or you could juat make Soylent Gingerbread people! (I need to remake the recipe tho)

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A few months ago I tried mixing 1.4 with unflavored gelatin in an attempt at making Soylent Bars. It did not work well at all.

My first attempt looked like soylent-colored jello. It separated into 3 layers. There was a disgusting taste & texture. It only melted very slightly when left at room temperature for days.

Attempt 2 & 3 looked a lot more like pudding, but was still very gelatinous. Again, it had a disgusting taste & texture. I tried freezing attempt 3, since it was still disgustingly soft, but that made it impossibly hard to eat. After that point I just gave up.