Soylent keeps you full?


I was just wondering what chemicals or nutrients in Soylent make you feel full or suppresses hunger? & Do you feel satisfied?


The chemicals are generally known as “food”. There’s no appetite suppressants in Soylent. Some people feel more or less full than others, just like with any other food.


Similarly to what vanclute said, “Your mileage may vary”.
How much Soylent will suppress your appetite will likely depend on the primary source of your appetite. Since you will be getting all the nutrition you need, it is likely (in my opinion and experience) to eliminate that “I am looking for something” craving that can cause you to snack from dinner to bedtime. It’s not that food doesn’t sound good any more, it just has less power over you…kinda like porn after having sex; it still looks pretty, but the drive isn’t there. :sweat_smile:


Yep, it’s the foodness of Soylent that keeps me satiated. Protein, carbs, fats, fiber. My appetite is actually better satisfied than it was before (and on 1.4, moreso than on earlier Soylents), I can only guess because it’s doing a better job of giving me the right combination of those things than the processed food and junk I was eating before.


One huge thing I’m sure for me has been that, while I still definitely enjoy sweets, candies, cookies, etc… I no longer am driven to them the way I used to be. Now I can take or leave them. I don’t have to have them.

Well, with the possible exception of the Soylent cookies I baked earlier today. I’m having a seriously hard time resisting those.


The spouse works in one of those office environments with a kitchen and a lot of snacks, and just a Soylent breakfast on the way to work has cut down considerably on the chips&candy grazing during the day.


Recently I’ve found after drinking about 500 calories for breakfast (around 8-8:30am) and then another 500 calories for lunch at about Noon, I fully satiated until about 4pm. Then I start feeling hungry again. I don’t have any desire to snack during the day. I’ll probably just increase my lunch to around 600 calories and see if that would hold me until I get home from work.


As has already been said, Soylent satisfies because it is food. Specifically though it’s the fat that is most satiateing.


This study says:

Foods that contain large amounts of fat, sugar, and/or starch have low Fullness Factors, and are much easier to overeat. Foods that contain large amounts of water, dietary fiber, and/or protein have the highest Fullness Factors.


Soylent 1.4 contains a large amount of water and protein as well as fat. Anecdotally it seems to be much more filling to me than 1.0/1.3 were, even though the water stayed basically the same, the protein was lowered, and the fat was increased. I also wonder if there are satiety differences in saturated vs. unsaturated fats (they seem to lump all fats together into one category). I would also argue that for a liquid food Soylent is quite high in fiber (clearly 1.0-1.3 had too much fiber for a liquid diet, or possibly too much of one type of fiber and not enough of another). Another factor is the high viscosity of 1.4, especially after mixing and refrigeration. From that same page you linked:

Fullness Factors for Liquids
Although all of the items in the above table are solid foods, the Fullness Factor can also be calculated for liquids, including soups and drinks. Most liquid foods will have above average Fullness Factors, due to their high water content. Liquid foods do, in fact, have a relatively high satiating effect, at least for the short term. However, low viscosity liquids (such as water, juice, or soft drinks) will empty from your stomach quickly, and may leave you hungry again in a relatively short time. Keep this in mind if you are using the Fullness Factor to select foods for weight loss.

This is actually in line with the changes they made from 1.3 to 1.4. Protein was lowered, but I think it’s fair to say that Soylent is still a high protein food, since a normal adult would get more protein than they need in a day just by drinking it. Soylent is also quite dissimilar from anything in their list of tested foods, AFAICT (also it’s interesting that potatoes are a huge outlier). It would also be interesting to plug a DIY recipe into their calculator and see the results, but I imagine that’s not possible. I wasn’t going to make an account to try.


1.4 keeps me fuller than any other Soylent…Not perfect but def better :white_check_mark:


I’m a male, 39y, 6’1 (186cm) and somewhere around 350lbs. Much too fat, I know.
My basal metabolic rate is somewhere near 3500calories, depend of which list you use.
Since I try to loose some weight,
my goal is to stay under 2400calories per day an have a workout with not less then 600calories,
most of the time 1200calories -> 600 with cardio 600 with strength training

Now is my sixth day with Soylent 1.4
The last two days I only consumed 900-1200calories.
Today, almost 1pm, I ate my second scoop.
There is no hunger! Only a little appetite when I smell some food…

Back to elonlyman’s question:
What makes me feel stuffed???


It seems reasonable to me, that by Soylent being so well balanced, your body (well really your brain…) feels all around more satisfied. When consuming conventional food, things are not balanced, which causes us to crave X or Y ingredient. But when we go satisfy that craving, we are by necessity getting things other than just the specific thing our body needed. And therefore we consume too many calories, or other unhealthy things, etc. My guess is that since Soylent is so ideally balanced (taking into account individual physiological differences of course), that your body is actually OK on considerably fewer calories than you were expecting.

But this is just me applying my own logic, not based on anything else other than observation.


pre 1.3 soylent kept me full.

1.3 i’d be hungry (or maybe it was heartburn lol) within a few hours.

so far (less than a day for what thats worth) 1.4 has kept me feeling full. in fact, i had some sweet bread about 2 hours after lunch and i feel over full now :frowning:


There’s a difference between “feeling full” and “feeling satiated”. Just to be clear.

I’ve found my fullness level is about the same on 1.4 than with previous versions. However, my satiety is a fair bit lower on 1.4 - I’m craving snacks all the time, starting about 2 hours or so after my last Soylent meal. I hadn’t experienced that at all on previous versions. And I haven’t changed anything. (preparation, amount consumed per sitting, time between meals, etc.) Weird. Obviously, this is another one of those things that varies between folks.


Very well could be. I find that while 1.4 flavored in various manners is more enjoyable, it makes me feel more “snacky” afterwards. Whereas plain 1.4, which I still enjoy, leaves me satisfied much longer.


1.4 keeps me full longer than previous versions. I think it is because it is thicker, so there is more to it.


Previous versions left others [feeling full/satisfied][1].

I feel quite full with v1.4. Maybe too much? After 1/4 pouch, I am stuffed.

Granted, I am smaller than a lot of users (5’9" and 145 lbs). I also switched to smaller food portions before starting Soylent.

But yeah, stuffed.


Something to keep in mind re: fullness. Your stomach capacity adapts with your food intake, so naturally you’re going to feel full faster the longer (and more frequently) you’ve been using Soylent.