Soylent kickstarts the summer with new cafe line flavors

We have some new flavors to our Soylent Drink lineup. These will round out our ‘Cafe’ sub section. We have more product announcements in the coming months stay tuned.



But I just noticed that Coffiest is now listed twice in my subscription. Once as per usual and now also as the Cafe “version”.

The bottles are square now?

Why won’t my hangover go away?

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Yes, Cafe is its own category.

We prefer the term ‘Sqround’

Because you partied to hard!

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Because you haven’t started drinking again. Get to it!

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I figured as much - it looks like a glitch on your website, that’s all. Unless you intend on sending me 2 boxes of Coffiest despite me only subscribing for 1 box. I’m OK with that so long as I don’t hafta pay for the 2nd box!

If you get 2, then enjoy! Could you PM me a picture of the notice?

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I can just post a screenshot here, no biggie.

My subscription is for 1 box Coffiest, 1 Nectar, 1 Cacao, 1 regular. Now there’s a Cafe Coffiest added in - again, just looks like a glitch to do with the new Cafe line having Coffiest included in it.

[edit] FWIW I was going to update my sub, that’s how I saw this. I decided to leave it as is, in order to point out the glitch. I won’t update it until y’all suss this out, since it could be an issue for others.


Too bad the new flavors have caffeine. I love vanilla and chai, but that’s a deal-breaker for me.


Same. I’m trying them out cuz I’m curious. But I do not drink caffeine :confused:


My thoughts:

YAY new flavors!!

NOOO ALL HAS CAFFEINE! :frowning: My body reacts badly with those, and I guess I cannot taste new ones till there is no caffeine version.

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Same. I might buy it to try, but it’s not something I’d plan to keep in stock.

I’m taking an extended break from caffeine so I haven’t even tried Coffiest yet, but I’m sure eventually I’ll try all of these flavors and the next batch of flavors that are in line for release, too. And I’m still waiting for my keto 2.0 :grin:


If non caffeine versions of chai and vanilla come out, maybe leave the L theanine and add EGCG* + 5HTP. Make it bone a fide “tea”

Edit: “ECGC”