Soylent Liquid 1.0?

Should 2.0 have been named Soylent Liquid 1.0? It would have avoided any confusion arising if a soylent powder version (say 1.6 or 1.7) launches and ships after the current 2.0?

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According to the Ars Technica interview with Rob about Soylent 2.0, they’re hoping to have the liquid and powdered forms use the same formula in future:

As far as aligning the powder and liquid versions’ nutritional contents and version numbers, Rhinehart says that’s something that will happen eventually, but for now the two will remain a bit different.

Given that they expect the powdered version to eventually use the same formula as the liquid version, I think calling the liquid version “Soylent 2.0” was probably the best (or least-worst) way to communicate what people are getting. I suspect that Soylent think the liquid version has a better chance of mainstream popularity than the powder.

It sounds like a 1.6 will ship after (or at least concurrently with) 2.0:

Rhinehart says he expects to release a new version of the powder later this year, but it won’t be numbered 2.0.

(I’m presuming a new powdered version would be called 1.6, and not 2.1 or ’95 or XP or 10.11.1.)

Keeping the powdered versions on 1.x numbers until they reach formula parity with 2.0 would, I think, kind of communicate that the 2.0 formula is where the powdered version is expected to go.

But y’know. Nothing makes sense to everyone.


Sweet! I like the macros ratios in 2.0 better!

I’m pumped.

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They could have done that by naming this liquid 1.0 too. When both the formuals eventually meet, it could have been called soylent 2.0.

Well sure, but that might have given the impression that the liquid version is “behind” the powdered version, and I suspect that Soylent want the media and the public to consider bottled Soylent as the new hotness, and possibly the new “canonical” form of Soylent.

They’re marketing fairly heavily on convenience, right? And bottled is more convenient than powdered.

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No. Imagine iphone 1.5 and ipad 1. Does it give you the impression that the ipad is behind the iphone.

This seems more likely.

But i wont blame them for it.

Well yeah, kind of. I guess less so, but I think that’s because the iPhone and the iPad are easier than to conceive of as separate things with different purposes; whereas Soylent power and Soylent pre-mixed both seem to have the exact same purpose.

(And although it’s a slight tangent, we actually don’t have to imagine. When the iPad came out it ran iOS 3.something. Soon after that the iPhone got updated to iOS 4, but the iPad didn’t get the new features in 4.0 until a later version (possibly 4.2) that unified the version of iOS running on both kinds of hardware. So the iPad was behind the iPhone for a while, and Apple communicated that by giving the iPad’s OS a lower version number.)

Let us hope that the powdered version never disappears.

I would not want to by the premixed version.