Soylent Log ;D 1.1


Today is the first day I started my Soylent! My boyfriend and I each had 1 order for one month, but since then had to downsize to one order due to financial issues sadly. (FYI, great timing on Soylent arriving, get to save on Groceries this month(& future months)!!!). So, we decided to 50/50 it so it can last 28 days >_<. I plan to drink a snack amount for breakfast at work and 16-18 ounces during lunch. I plan to drink the remaining part of my half of the Soylent during dinner or the next day.

A little bit about me-
-I currently work full time(35-40 hours) at a call center so I spend most of my day sitting, even at home.
-I started volunteering at a horse center for a total of 4-6 hours a week of physical work.

  • I am 22 years old, 5’3’’ female and I currently weigh 189 pounds.
  • At this time, besides my volunteering, I am not physically active.
    —My diet is horrible to say in the least. My boyfriend describes the way I eat like a 4 year old.
    I haven’t eaten meat or much veggies since I was 4, though I have tried some food items with animal products in them (stuffing, aut gratin with chicken fat etc).
    ---- My meals commonly consists of lots of cheese— Mac & Cheese; pasta like cheese tortellini, fettuccine alfredo, fries, au gratin; cheese quesadillas; cheese pizza & lots of Fast Food. At work it would consists of chips I buy at the vending machine. (I am improving my diet though, very slowly)

Reasons for Soylent

  • The health benefits! I can only imagine how much nutrients I am missing.
  • Possible weight loss.
  • Comparable cost to what we pay now in food (groceries & fast food), if not cheaper, considering we pay $200-280 per month in groceries and $160-240 in fast food (~2-3 times a week).

I will update my post later today or tomorrow regarding my first day. More to come! Sorry I’m such a weirdo.

First Day 10/18/14
-In the morning before I left for work, I tried an ounce of Plain Soylent just to see how it tasted, plain and a little gritty but I don’t mind it. It reminded me of plain cake batter for taste and smell.
-I took 24 ounces of Soylent with me to work, and added 4 heaping tablespoons of Ghirardelli Double Hot Chocolate powder in my Blender Bottle 28 ounce container. I think I added too much because the chocolate taste was almost too overwhelming, and I am a chocolate lover!
-I drank 8 ounces of it within the first 30 minutes of my shift and felt satiated until lunch time. I also want to note that I drank a small bottle of chocolate milk during the beginning of my shift.
-I had my blender bottle next to me because I forgot to place it in the fridge, so I added ice before consuming it. I drank 12 ounces of it during my lunch as I watched Netflix.

By the end of the day, my stomach was bloated but I wasn’t sure if it is because of the Soylent or the milk (lactose-intolerant yay!). I can confirm though that this was because of the milk, because I drank it the second day and had no milk products to upset my stomach. I had some pasta for dinner and prepared a new batch of Soylent for the next day.

Second Day, 10/19/14

This time around I had 28 ounces of Soylent with me mixed with 3 tablespoons of Hershey Syrup. The flavor was interesting, it tasted overall plain with a small hint of chocolate which I found humoring. I find Soylent very easy to consume and am very happy with my purchase =D. I drank a similar amount of 8 ounces at the beginning of my shift and the rest of it during my lunch. I was… craving chocolate though so I ate a whole bar of snickers. I had no issues later that night, or during the day. My fecal matter seems quite foul though than usual but I don’t care, it is fecal matter after all.

I love how easy it is to bring food to work now and am happy about how healthy it is compared to my usual lunch. So far, I’m not getting any type of craving for solid food, but I believe that is because I’m only replacing two meals with Soylent. Well okay, not really 2 meals, I’m adding a meal because I usually skip breakfast unless its my day off… So now that I have Soylent, I can actually have breakfast! My alarms are set 20 mins before I have to leave so I basically rush out every morning =D.


Just to potentially ease your mind about the not eating meat thing, I’m 41 and haven’t eaten meat EVER (well, my grandmother claimed I would eat it with her - and only her - when I was 2… but of course I have no idea if this is true or her just trying to be perceived as the favorite grandparent lol)

My diet has always been far less varied than you describe yours to be, and yet I’ve always been in excellent general health despite everyone around me insisting stupid things like “it’s impossible for a human being to survive without meat” or “you’re going to get allergic to _____ because you eat it so much” or other similarly absurd things.

So I don’t see you as a weirdo at all. Well, not because of food anyway. :wink:

Welcome to Soylent, I hope you enjoy it as much as many of us have (and continue to do so)!


I had a horrible diet as well. Welcome to Soylent. I hope you love it as much as @vanclute and I. :slight_smile:


Before Soylent I ate mostly meat and some starches (potatoes). I would usually skip breakfast then go out for a fast food lunch most every day and then have a dinner of meat (beef or chicken) and some fatty side items,

Now with Soylent, I have about 300 ml for breakfast and about 400 ml for lunch and pretty much the same dinner. I figure that now I am at least getting some nutrients that were certainly missing before and I am saving about 5 or 6 dollars a day by not going out for lunch (plus I am able to get some work done during lunch now). Just replacing breakfast and lunch with Soylent over the last 6 weeks has resulted in about a 10 pound weight loss (from 200 to 190).

I really don’t feel like I am dieting since I am never hungry and I get to eat my normal dinners.


Your video really helped us in making Soylent!! Many thanks.

I’m glad I’m not perceived as a weirdo then! My diet use to be not as varied until the last few years. I did a blood test a year ago and everything was checked out fine 8D. So besides my weight, there aren’t any health issues with the way I currently eat, just some social ones.

@vanclute @JeffLeBert Thank you guys for mentioning your diet(s) to me, it makes me feel better that some people eat similar to the way I do!

Updated my post with my first 2 days of Soylent


Yeah! I hope I lose some weight also like you have. I don’t really consider Soylent a diet either due to the nutrients I’m receiving and the fact I don’t feel like I’m missing or anything since I also have a normal dinner.