Soylent makers -- thanks for doing this right


I ordered back in October of last year, and received my Soylent last week. It’s great. The second day was a bit rough - a big ole’ headache and some digestive nonsense - but I think that’s at least partly because, in my rush to try it, I forgot to add salt to the first batch. Since then (eating about 50-75% Soylent), everything’s been going perfectly.

Waiting for almost a year was frustrating, and you guys have gotten a really hard time about it. Probably some of the criticisms about inconsistent communication, etc., are justified. But it struck me today that you had a lot of opportunities to trade quality for speed, and you didn’t. I think many other fledgling companies, under the pressure of that level of criticism, would have sourced whatever they could get in order to push out the product - even if it meant inferior rice protein that didn’t blend as well, for example.

Thanks for standing by the integrity of the product. As of now, you’ve earned a loyal customer who is excited to see what future versions will bring. If you ever need a beta tester in the Orange County, CA area, let me know.

Hopefully this post isn’t taken as a slap in the face to people who are still waiting. For what it’s worth, in my opinion, it was worth every second.


It’s good to hear positive statements like this. There is so much negativity on this forum. Some of it is valid, some of it isn’t. My life is better now even though I’m one of the “one week” orders and have never seen or tasted real Soylent. DIY soylent has been a big part of my life for the last 6 months. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been. I’m looking forward to getting my Soylent sometime before the end of the world. :smile:

@mballin, don’t forget the give us a review sometime in the future.


Some of the negativity on these forums have been from the same small group of vocal people. The issue for most of us was never that they complained as their complains were valid in most cases, but the negativity that followed along.

Things seem to be going smoother now :smiley: looking forward to when they begin with international orders so i can get more Soylent.


Ditto! Props to da Soylent team…Who are people btw…Unlike Soylent which is not people…Just sayin.


Update, as requested, a couple of weeks in.

Soylent is 95% of what I’d hoped, which is plenty good enough for me to enthusiastically reorder. As mentioned above, I did have a splitting headache the morning after I started eating Soylent - maybe the potassium thing others have mentioned, maybe because I forgot to add salt. In any case, Advil helped, and it didn’t recur. I did spent a few days dropping mustard gas, and played the occasional game of “run to the toilet and guess the state of matter” (usually false alarms), but that’s mostly subsided by this point. Haven’t noticed any other downsides to it.

The good: convenience, price, and nutrition were the main things I wanted to get out of Soylent, and I’ve gotten them all. I’m lazy about cooking, and I’m cheap about restaurants. I’ve been eating Soylent for breakfast most days, lunch when it makes sense, and usually eating a regular dinner, often with a bit of Soylent right before bed so I don’t wake up hungry. Much hassle saved, and I’m also saving money by only going to restaurants when I really want to, not just when it’s the quickest/easiest thing to do. Nutrition-wise, well, I don’t know anything about nutrition, really, but it seems a reasonable assumption that I’m getting better nutrition than I used to. I can’t report dramatic changes in my health like Rob did in his original post. My energy levels might be up a little bit, but it’s well within placebo range, so who knows. There’s certainly a benefit to not being on a starving-sated-digesting cycle, so while my overall energy levels might not have actually changed, there’s more consistency, and that’s a plus.

I’d ordered the Space Nutrients 100% stuff prior to getting my Soylent, so I can give a quick comparison there, too. I liked 100% Food well enough to eat it about as regularly as I’m now eating Soylent, but it wasn’t perfect. The packaging is actually better from a convenience standpoint than Soylent, since each meal’s worth is in its own just-add-water bottle - you don’t have to carry around a big pitcher and try to keep it cold if you’re out for a day. The flavor was decent, but the consistency wasn’t great; people aren’t kidding when they say you have to chew your drink, and that it gets a weird almost slimy thickness if you don’t get it down quickly. Overall, it was worthwhile for me to get that while waiting for Soylent, but having gotten the Soylent, I wouldn’t go back to it.

Glad to answer questions, if anyone has them.


Holy moly this got me laughing so hard! Thank you for the much-needed dose of levity in my stressful day.


One more update, probably the last. On Wednesday, I had my wisdom teeth removed - all four, two of which were partially impacted, and two of which were full bony impactions. Not an easy procedure, and between the jaw stiffness and the swelling, I’ve basically been a mumbling bobblehead ever since. Soylent made the last few days so much better than they would have been otherwise.

Since Wednesday, I’ve only eaten one non-Soylent meal, a bowl of soup. I had no trouble whatsoever with getting the Soylent down, so I wasn’t stuck hungry and frustrated as I have been in similar situations in the past (strep throat, etc.) The digestive problems I mentioned above are basically completely gone. I’m definitely looking forward to having a pizza again, though!


Almost two months ago I also had all four wisdom teeth removed. Though I don’t think my surgery was as complicated as yours, I did develop a bit of dry socket in one site which slowed down my recovery. Soylent was a godsend.

Last week I got braces. Ugh. Last night was the first time I ate any appreciable solid food; Soylent once again a godsend as the initial soreness recedes and I try to get used to this alien structure in my mouth.


Soylent is pretty awesome. My biggest thing is that it seems to be the only food movement genuinely trying to be guided by science. Official Soylent 1.0 is pretty decent too. I look forward to future versions, they have an idea that could really be something amazing.