Soylent makes Canker sores worse?


This is different from other canker sore posts I’ve seen. I’ve never felt like Soylent increases the chances of me getting a canker sore. Although I’ve seen a lot of posts of people saying they suddenly get outbreaks after going on Soylent, I’ve never had that problem.

However, after I already have a canker sore I can pretty reliably double the damn thing’s size if I drink Soylent. If I put on Kank-a to cover the sore and then drink soylent I don’t see the increase. And I wish I took pictures last time because I’m not playing around when I’m saying “it doubled” each night if I had Soylent during the day (without Kank-a). Another thing also: Soylent hurts my canker sore far more than any other food type that I put in my mouth. I find this bizarre because I expected the movement caused by chewing solid food to be far more irritating to the canker sore. Maybe since Soylent is liquid and since it is nutrient-rich something around the canker sore multiplies like crazy when it delicious Soylent (what this “something” is I don’t know since canker sores aren’t caused by a virus)

So basically when I have a canker sore I develop a routine of always applying the Kank-a before drinking Soylent. If I don’t have it around I stay the hell away from Soylent. Anyone else have the same experience?


That’s interesting. I haven’t had any issues with Soylent and my canker sores, I haven’t ever felt any pain from my sores while drinking Soylent. In fact Soylent was a godsend when I had a massive outbreak of canker sores a year ago after a bout of antibiotics. I had never experienced anything quite like that outbreak. I literally had over 40 sores and could barely move my mouth or talk. Eating/chewing were totally out of the question, so I survived completely on Soylent. Since then I’ve switched toothpaste to a SLS-free brand and now get far fewer than ever in my life. I’ve gotten two or three since then, but that sure beats the one or two a month I used to get.


I got canker sores my whole life, and used to use Kank-a with some success. But it was a hassle, and it never prevented them or reduce their duration. I also tried Canker Covers. The thing that eliminated them for me was Jarrow’s Methyl B12. I enthusiastically encourage you to try it. I recommend the yellow lemon bottles, the taste is tolerable. The cherry ones are really gross imo.


Very interesting indeed. It remains a consistent issue for me so I remain convinced I cant be the only one with this issue. However, now that nobody else who has had canker sore problems their whole life is saying they’re in the same boat as me I’m going to pay more attention to specific things I’m doing that might explain the phenomenon. Might not be Soylent’s fault at all.

I have taken your advice and just recently switched to Sensodyne for the first time. We’ll see if the canker sore rates go down, thanx for the tip


Given that canker sores are the bane of my existence and that Kank-a only makes them tolerable for a few hours I highly appreciate the tip and can guaruntee I’ll try Jarrow’s Methyl B12 when the bastards creep back into my mouth. Thanx for the tip.


Yep, let them slowly dissolve in your mouth, under your tongue, and even against the sore itself. It makes them go away in about 2-3 days which is WAY faster than normal. You can also just start using them now to prevent them from even starting, but waiting to get one and then testing them out would be an interesting experiment. Please report back later with any feedback.


I’m not sure about how Soylent would affect canker sores for me, but I haven’t had any canker sores in about a year. I haven’t had any since starting Soylent. I started getting them a few years ago and switching to an SLS free toothpaste (like what was mentioned in an earlier reply) and to an alcohol free mouthwash completely stopped me from getting them.


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Not spam, i only mentioned a specific brand of mouthwash because it’s what I switched to that stopped the canker sores I used to get. I have literally zero affiliation with any oral care companies lol


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